POTD: Hunting with a Winchester 1886 in .33 WCF

    Winchester 1886 i .33 WCF

    Photo Of The Day – We have a lot of hunters among our readers, and presumably most of you hunt with relatively modern firearms, optics and gear. Here’s an exception, with a Winchester 1886 chambered in .33 WCF. The dagger is homemade, and most likely the coffee as well.

    The Winchester 1886 is a lever-action repeating rifle which was designed by John Browning. The original design was made for black powder, but in 1903 it was modified and offered in the smokeless powder .33 Winchester Center Fire caliber.

    Below: Another homemade dagger.

    This is a Husqvarna in .358 Norma Magnum.

    All pictures provided by Håkan Spuhr, used with permission.

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    Do you use any special firearms or strangely different calibers when hunting? How do you find it and do you buy or reload your own ammunition?