New Product: Infitech Muzzle Thread Adapter

    This product is perhaps not so sexy, but if and when you need it it’s going to be extremely useful. The main use I see is if you have a suppressor (or any other muzzle device) that you can use on several firearms that have different threads. Perhaps you can save a stamp or two? The new Infitech thread adapter has a 17mm wrench flat so you can mount and remove it easily. There are all sorts of thread combinations available, and I selected two as examples of useful combinations.

    For instance, some European Heckler & Koch rifles use the M15x1 thread pitch. Finding a suitable muzzle device can be difficult, but this adapter can help.

    And another example. On their homepage, you can use the pulldown windows and configure your own custom adapter. I haven’t checked, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Infitech can do custom threads upon request.

    As you can see the price is $55.07.

    Here’s what Infitech had to say about this thread adapter.

    This adapter enables you to convert your muzzle threads between a variety of different combinations.

    Perfect if you have suppressors or other muzzle attachments that you wish to use on several rifles with different thread patterns.

    17mm wrench flats for easy mounting/removing.

    Largest recommended bore size: 9mm/.357

    Choose the desired thread combination using the dropdown bars at the top.

    Material: SS2541

    Finish: Oxidized black

    Adds .650″ in length when installed (17mm)

    Outside diameter: .750″ (19mm)

    The adapter is made in Sweden by Infitech, on their own CNC machines. Just remember that you will have to check your zero and most likely re-zero your rifle after mounting, as you’re adding weight.

    You can find a direct link to the product here:

    Do you think this kind of adapter is useful?

    Eric B

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