Concealed Carry Corner: Three Different Carry Bag Options

    Last week, I wrote about various PDWs and there were a number of people asking about the Vertx bag I had in the background. I also had people ask about other types of carry bags that work well with carrying concealed for pistols and larger weapons as well. There are endless options for carrying and off-body carry. I can already hear the disdain from some of you, but its ok if people carry in different ways than you, trust me it’ll be ok. I’ll go through three different bags I’ve used but these are typically the three most popular styles of bags for concealed carriers. Let’s dive into three different carry bag options.

    5.11 MOAB 10  –  The Single Strap Messenger Bag Option

    The first bag I ever bought for the purpose of carrying a larger firearm in my vehicle or body is the MOAB 10 by 5.11 Tactical. I’ve used this single strap option and its one of the fastest ways to deploy a gun that’s inside a bag. Having just a single messenger strap gives the ability to pull the bag to the front of your body putting everything you need in your workspace. There are a number of guys who insert armor plates to act as a form of protection, but I normally don’t, just to keep the bag as light as possible.

    The MOAB 10 has high-quality zippers and is made out of tough nylon so it’s been extremely durable. I went with the Storm Grey to be less tactical than something like the Coyote Brown but the Molle webbing still yells TACTICAL when you’re going around the streets. Having something like a messenger laptop bag is a great alternative to something as tactical as the MOAB 10.

    One of the most important aspects of carrying a gun bag is the ability to be subtle and incognito to blend in better. Vertx makes a great option called the Tourist Sling Bag or the Commuter Sling Bag. Having something that’s inconspicuous is great and doesn’t bring attention to yourself. If you’re looking for a solid “do all” bag I would definitely encourage you to look at the MOAB 10 Bags from 5.11 or sling bags from VERTX.

    Vertx Gamut Concealed Carry Bag

    Probably the best of both worlds is something like the Gamut line from the Vertx line of bags. This bag looks like a typical backpack from the outside but once you open it up, the Gamut bag is extremely modular with tons of options for customization. This allows you to completely tailor the backpack to your needs whether it’s carrying a handgun off-body or having something larger if that’s what you want. The shoulder straps have a good amount of support from the extra padding which makes carrying heavier guns much easier over a long period of time. They have quick access compartments similar to the ones on sling style bags for quick access to your firearm.

    The big downsides to carrying in a modular bag are the overall weight it can have depending on the firearm inside and the total cost of the bag. This bag’s initial cost is around $215 and accessories will add to the overall cost. It may seem too expensive to some but I have had great luck with the fit and finish of the Gamut bag I’ve been using. The price may be steep for some but it’s well worth it when you have the ability to customize the layout of where your gear will go and where your weapon holsters can be mounted. If you’re looking to build a bag system that’s super modular and easy to use, I would definitely recommend the Gamut line of Vertx Bags

    First Spear Comms Pack – High-Quality Bags To Convert

    If you’re like me, you typically will start with a bag you already have while you try to figure out what exactly you need out of a gun bag. Its usually the more economical route to go if you’re trying to set up an off-body carry system on a budget. When I first started out, I used an old beat up North Face day pack as my everyday concealment bag before saving enough money to buy a designated carry bag.

    A few months ago, I picked up the First Spear Comms Pack and wrote up my initial thoughts in my review. Since then, I have really become a fan of this bag’s versatility from being a great daily computer bag to having the ability to take my MCX Rattler or a decent amount of ammo for range days. Buying a high-quality bag as a “do all” bag is a great alternative to a higher-priced concealed carry theme bag. I’m a big fan of the First Spear bag for both carrying concealed and the random hiking adventures I will go on with friends. Having a high-quality bag that fits multiple roles is sometimes the best option.

    Overall Thoughts

    Whether it’s a small carry bag, modular backpack, or high-quality do-all bag there’s an application for all of them depending on the situation. I have used a number of different bags and usually over time, you’ll start to make a list of benefits and negatives for every bag. I love how light and easy to use the MOAB 10 is despite it being a little more tactical looking than other bags. It’s fast and I will oftentimes throw it in my truck and take it into the office.

    The Vertx and First Spear are larger bags that are both really versatile to handle whatever you have in mind. Having a bag with your medical equipment, PDW weapon or just your everyday gear, it’s important to find a system that works best for you. Let me know what your favorite kind of bag is in the comments below. If you have any questions about concealment bags feel free to message me on my Instagram @fridgeoperator or email me at [email protected] Stay safe out there.

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