POTD: B&T APC9 – The Invisible Man

    Photo Of The Day – Established in 2014 this is TFB’s way to show carefully selected photographs on a daily basis. Today we have the honor of introducing the work from a very talented photographer (and sports shooter) from Poland. He can be found on Instagram under the name: avataardeux.

    In this case, we’re looking at a B&T APC9, 9x19mm submachine gun (the semi-auto version) with an Aimpoint TL Micro red dot. Products from Switzerland (B&T) and Sweden (Aimpoint) in conjunction, and a challenge to everyone who slept on the geography lessons in school.

    These images are part of a project that aims to show separated firearms in action – just guns & the shooters’ hands. An excellent idea and execution if you ask me.

    Note that you can see the secondary iron sights, they co-witness with the Aimpoint unless you use some kind of mount.

    All photos are taken by Marcin Ćwikła, IG – @avataardeux

    As usual, please let us know what you think in the comments below.