Horyzen Tactical’s Universal 9/40 Pistol Magazine Carrier

    Horyzen Tactical is an Australian company based in Melbourne, Victoria. They specialize in creating Kydex holders for magazines, and other shooting accessories. Horyzen Tactical have recently released their first pistol magazine carrier called the Universal 9/40.

    The Universal 9/40, modeled with a Glock-branded Glock magazine

    The Universal 9/40, as you might have guessed, is designed to fit any double-stack 9×19 Luger or .40 S&W magazine available. It does this by employing a Magazine Retention Device. This allows the user to customize the fit of the carrier for specific magazines. It also lets the user select how much retention they require. The Magazine Retention Device is easily adjustable with a 3mm hex-head wrench/key.

    The carrier’s Magazine Retention Device

    The Universal 9/40 offers two belt clip options, a 1.5″ and a 1.75″. This should fit a wide variety of duty belts, competition belts, and general everyday usage belts. The belt clip can be swapped to either side by the end-user.

    The belt mounting clip is easily swapped from left to right side.

    Horyzen Tactical caters towards competition shooters, and with that in mind, I picked up a few Universal 9/40’s to put through their paces. I first tested the magazine carriers on two different firearms I had, being a Glock 17L, and a CZ SP-01 Shadow.

    As expected, they fit!

    The magazines fit in just fine. I was easily able to customize the carriers to my preferred level of retention. Both Magpul G17’s and Glock factory magazines fit in perfectly. After some adjustment with a hex wrench, the Universal 9/40 held my CZ magazines quite comfortably, too. No complaints from me.

    Once again, a perfect fit.

    Horyzen Tactical source their components from Australia’s friends across the Pacific, the USA. Their products are designed and built in Melbourne, and are vacuum formed. Horyzen Tactical’s other products, outside of custom orders, include an AICS magazine carrier, 5.56 and 308 PMAG carriers, a Tikka CTR/SAKO TRG 22 magazine carrier and a Kestrel 5700 Weather Meter holder.

    HT’s AICS mag carriers – handy for PRS comps!

    For the Australian shooter who wants to buy locally or any international/US reader who wants a quality product, you can suss them out here. I’ll be picking up a few more of their products in the near future. Watch this space!

    James B

    Jimmy is employed within the security industry in Australia. He is a passionate firearms connoisseur, enjoying target shooting, hunting and collecting. He also likes fine dining and thinking up silly gun designs.