IR.Tools Introduces New Powered Thermal Targets

    IR.Tools produces powered thermal targets like these.

    IR.Tools produces powered thermal targets like these.

    Vision enhancement technologies like thermal and night vision used to be like wizardry to the vast majority of civilian shooters. These borderline magical, mythical devices were almost never seen by those outside the military or some law enforcement agencies, much less actually used or owned. Today, much of that has changed. Now civilian night vision goggle ownership has become far more accessible and common among shooting enthusiasts, and less cost prohibitive than it used to be. Beyond just being fun, the practical applications of these tools are particularly valuable among hunters. Certain pest animals like feral hogs and coyotes can devastate hunting grounds and disrupt agriculture, and in many places, it’s perfectly legal to hunt these menaces at night. In days past, the only way to accomplish this was by virtue of visible lights, which almost invariably spook nocturnal animals and make night hunting more difficult. But with the proliferation of products like commercial-spec PVS-14s and AGM thermal monoculars, low-light firearms work is more accessible than ever.

    The thermal targets from the first image as viewed under "black hot" optics settings.

    The thermal targets from the first image as viewed under “black hot” optics settings.

    As with any shooting discipline, if you’re going to engage in it safely and effectively, you need to practice it. Maryland-based IR.Tools has borne this idea in mind since they opened for business in 2006. They started with small, simple IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) three-quarter inch infrared patches that got sewn on to key points on military uniforms for use in the field. The product offerings soon expanded to encompass a wide variety of IR and thermal marking tools like identification patches and flags. Today IR.Tools also offers specialized thermal targets, as described below.

    Are you frustrated with a low contrast thermal target?

    This special powered thermal target built with exclusive FabRoc® technology, maintains a superb thermal contrast and is nearly indestructible.

    The FabRoc® heat technology is a proprietary rubber-like material built into the target to provide the heat needed for a distinct contrast.  Looking through your thermal optics you will see your image “pop out” either black or white, depending on your optic settings.

    The durability and contrast of this powered target is unrivaled.

    Fort Bragg Special Forces who trains with the FabRoc® powered thermal target is impressed with the targets longevity.

    8 Dynamic Features and Benefits

    1. Nothing Safer — No wires to short circuit or catch fire after bullet breach.
    2. Extended Durability — Remains intact for over 500 rounds.
    3. Energy Efficient — Powers up on low voltage batteries.
    4. No Flaring — Thermal heat contrast is consistently distinct.
    5. Shoot inside or outside — No limitations for your shooting.
    6. Train Like You Fight — Hot Target is More Realistic.
    7. Easily Mounts — Staple or Hang with Standard Grommets.
    8. Dual Functions — No power? No problem, target defaults into a passive target.

    Under optics that can provide "white hot" vision, the IR.Tools targets look like this.

    Under optics that can provide “white hot” vision, the IR.Tools targets look like this.

    Do you use thermal optics professionally, for hunting, or just for fun? What do you do to train or practice with them? Have you tried other purpose-built thermal targets before? Do you plan to give these IR.Tools targets a try? Let us know what you think in the comments below! See you at the range.

    Photos courtesy of IR.Tools.
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