Sector Optics G1T3 LPVO With T3 Thermal Internal Display

    Sector Optics is a division of Torrey Pines. Torrey Pines is known for making small thermal viewers. They came out with their G1T2 system. The G1T3 is a similar set up with a simpler thermal viewer.

    Photo by Sector Optics

    Similar to the G1T2, the G1T3 utilizes their G1 1-8×24 LPVO. The G1 utilizes Sector Optics’ ID technology. ID stands for Internal Display. They have a small screen display that projects what the thermal viewer sees. This is a form of fusion. You have a thermal image fused with a day image. While the image does not overlap you do see both in the same sight picture you see illustrated above.

    Photo by Sector Optics

    The G1T3 uses Sector Optics’ T3 thermal imager.

    • On-board image processing enhancement modes
    • Manual and automatic NUC capability
    • Photo on-board recording
    • Battery read-out and protection
    • Auto power-save
    • Multiple display views: white hot/black hot/ NV green/color
    • Flexible mounting options: Picatinny rail wrist strap/ user-handle mount and more

    Below you can see how the T3 is mounted to the G1 LPVO. There is a small cable that connects the T3 to the G1 scope. I suspect this is how the image is imported into the G1 Internal Display.

    G1T3 3/4 view

    Photo by Sector Optics

    San Diego, California – June 25, 2020 – Introduced earlier this year, the new Sector Optics T3 thermal imager and G1T3 System are now available and shipping.

    Sector Optics introduced its latest addition to their compact thermal imager and G1 ID 1-8×24 Riflescope System range of products earlier this year at SHOT Show. The ultra-compact T3 offers high-quality features commonly found in more expensive thermal imagers. Some of these features include image processing enhancement modes and photo recording. With its real optical zoom of 2-4x, the Sector Optics T3 gives the user a wide-angle view of their surroundings, thus making it the ideal product for hunters. Display modes include white hot, black hot, NV green and color.

    The T3 Thermal Imager is extremely versatile. Not only can it be used as a compact handheld thermal imager, it can also be mounted directly to a firearm. Additionally, the T3 can be integrated with the Sector Optics G1 ID 1-8×24 riflescope and its built-in internal display. The internal heads-up screen of the G1T3 displays information transmitted to the riflescope via a wired connection from the T3 Thermal Imager. Hunters and shooters can now easily view a thermal image of their surroundings without ever having to take their eyes off the target.

    Available from any authorized Sector Optics retailer, the T3 Thermal Imager has a retail price of $1,539.99 and the G1T3 System has a retail price of $2,299.99.

    About Sector Optics: Based in San Diego, California, Sector Optics manufactures cutting edge optics for hunters, shooters and law enforcement professionals. From riflescopes and rangefinders, to thermal imagers and optical accessories, Sector Optics produces highly innovative optical products for the modern consumer. Sector Optics is a division of Torrey Pines Logic, Inc. Find out more at

    I am curious if the G1 LPVO can accept other thermal images from non Sector Optics thermal devices. There are some thermal devices that output video via USB. The Internal Display image reminds me of the PIP (Picture In Picture) feature that thermal scopes like the Pulsar XP50 have. However, there is an issue with the image display. While it is cool to have the thermal image displayed inside the sight picture of the G1 scope, it is not something you can aim with. You are not aiming with the thermal. You still have to aim with the day scope and so the images do not line up exactly the same.

    Another issue is that this would not really be useful for hunting at night since you are not aiming with the T3. Sure you can see the target at night with the thermal device but you need to aim and that is done with the day scope. What might be interesting would be to combine this with a clip-on night vision device and move the T3 to the front of the gun. That way you have night vision with thermal. Hmm, now I am excited and want to try this.

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