CCI Introduces MeatEater Line of Rimfire Ammunition

    CCI Introduces their MiniMag MeatEater line of Rimfire Ammunition

    Many of you will be familiar with the popular outdoorsman and hunter Steven Rinella. Recently, CCI has introduced a special brand of rimfire ammunition named after Steven’s show – MeatEater. This exclusive line of MiniMag and MaxiMag MeatEater ammunition is being launched with their newly refreshed website.

    CCI Introduces their MiniMag MeatEater line of Rimfire Ammunition

    CCI Introduces MeatEater Line of Rimfire Ammunition

    CCI MeatEater Ammunition Features

    • The official rimfire ammunition of MeatEater
    • Copper-22, Mini-Mag and Maxi-Mag loads with new packaging highlighting the partnership
    • Accurate, reliable performance on small game and varmints
    • Clean-burning propellants
    • Reliable cycling
    • Surefire CCI priming

    CCI’s new MeatEater ammunition features their proven Copper-22 loads which have been extensively used in both the MiniMag and MaxiMag loadings of rimfire ammunition. Copper-22 features a unique mix of copper particles and polymer compressed into a 21-grain hollow point bullet. This projectile combined with CCI’s MiniMag and MaxiMag loadings makes for peak velocities and accurate projectiles.

    CCI Introduces their MiniMag MeatEater line of Rimfire Ammunition

    The Copper-22 is also accompanied by two other popular loadings which are the 36-grain copper-plated hollow point, and the 22 WMR 40-grain Jacketed Hollowpoint with a velocity of 1,875 fps.

    “These three loads are what fills Steven Rinella’s freezer with small game,” said CCI Rimfire Product Director Rick Stoeckel. “His field-to-table lifestyle has made him a household name among hunters from all walks of life. We are very proud and excited to release this new line of special-edition rimfire ammunition to our customers and his fans.”

    Maxi-Mag is considered to be one of the most accurate 22 WMR cartridges currently available on the market. The jacketed hollow-point design of the bullet allows the projectile to transfer nearly all of its energy into the target upon impact. Both CCI’s MiniMag and MaxiMag loadings feature clean-burning propellants and reliable Surefire CCI priming – this isn’t your standard bulk ammunition.

    CCI Introduces their MiniMag MeatEater line of Rimfire Ammunition

    These new offerings were launched alongside CCI’s new and improved website which features a new design as well as an improved browsing experience. The website now also offers customers the ability to purchase certain loadings of their rimfire ammunition, Blazer handgun ammunition, and CCI branded merchandise. CCI is also currently offering free shipping on orders of $99 or more.

    This means you could theoretically buy 9 boxes of the Copper-22 MeatEater, 4 Boxes of the Mini-Mags, or two boxes of the Maxi-Mags and get that free shipping while trying out some of their new ammo.

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