POTD: German PUMA Infantry Fighting Vehicle

    Subject: Photo Of The Day

    Location: Grafenwoehr Training Area, Nothern Bayern, Germany.

    What’s going on? We have a German PUMA infantry fighting vehicle letting its 30 mm MK30-2/ABM autocannon loose. In Germany, it’s called the Schützenpanzer Puma.

    Normally the PUMA carries 400 rounds for its main 30 mm cannon, and also has Heckler & Koch MG4s (5,56 NATO) or Heckler & Koch MG5s (7,62 NATO). The cannon is made by Rheinmetall.

    According to Wikipedia: “the Puma has been in service with the German Army since April 2015. 332 vehicles have been delivered as of 30 April 2020.”

    Below: Granatmaschinenwaffe – German for “Grenade Machine Gun”. I think this is the Heckler & Koch GMG. You can see the trace of the 40 mm grenade mid-left in the picture. The GMG has a rate of fire of about 340 rounds per minute, which would eat that 40 mm belt quickly.

    POTD: German PUMA Infantry Fighting Vehicle

    Here we see the MG3, also made by Rheinmetall.

    POTD: German PUMA Infantry Fighting Vehicle

    All photos from Die Bundeswehr in Bayern, PzGrenBtl 122 / Vörste.