Featured Deals of the Week – 4th of July Weekend 2020

    DOTW Independence Day

    Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that time of year again. The time of the year for fireworks, beer, burgers, and celebrating the fact that we don’t have to give a damn what the British think, for 244 years and counting. But at least this evening, it’s not quite the 4th yet. So sit down, crack open your wallet, and take advantage of some of these deals and sales before you go and celebrate tomorrow.

    Palmetto State Armory 4th of July Sale

    Image Provided by Palmetto State Armory

    What the deal is:

    No surprises here guys. It’s your 4th of July sale from Palmetto. Some stuff is now marked down to what would have been a reasonable price pre-pandemic, which is nice. But, there are a few bits and pieces that are actually a decent deal if you’re willing to hunt for them. For example, this CMC AR-15 single-stage trigger for $139.99.

    Brownells 4th of July Sale

    Image Provided by Brownells

    What the deal is:

    I’m just going through the list here guys, there’s not gonna be any real surprises. Brownells is of course also having its 4th of July sale. There’s up to 25% off Aero Precision products, which includes a lot of AR-10 products, although there are a few AR-15 bits still in stock. Alternatively, there’s up to 26% off on Geissele products including triggers, rails, charging handles, and more.

    GunMag Warehouse 4th of July Sale

    Image Provided by GunMag Warehouse

    What the deal is:

    I mean at this point do I even have to say? It’s another sale. For the 4th of July. There are KCI Glock 17 9mm 17-round magazines for $9.99, and there are Springfield Armory XD 9mm magazines for $17.99. They’ve got Kimber 1911 magazines aplenty (for $15.99), and original Browning Hi-Power magazines galore ($29.99).

    Podavach Store 4th of July Sale

    Image Provided by Podavach

    What the deal is:

    I like tossing in a smaller storefront every now and again, so give these guys a look, will you? They’ve got some pretty cool stuff all marked off, including mag pouches, plate carriers (no it’s not a JPC but you’re probably not jumping out of an airplane so), and a very nifty Freedom Bundle that comes with a star-spangled speed loader and navy blue carrying case.

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