Stag Arms Announces New .300 Blackout Line, Return of the Varminter

    Stag Arms announces new products, including a line of 300BLK guns like this 8" pistol.

    Last year, in June, TFB reported that Stag Arms intended to leave their home base in New Britain, Connecticut, where they had been headquartered since their founding in 2003. Then later in the year, in November, TFB reported that they had chosen Cheyenne, Wyoming as their new home. In conjunction with a concurrent announcement regarding the appointment of Chad Larsen, formerly of Aero Precision, as Stag’s new President, the company looked to be positioning themselves to make some notable efforts to inject some new life into its product offerings. Recently, they have announced two such endeavors: the introduction of a new AR series chambered in .300 Blackout, and the re-introduction of a previous Stag offering, the Varminter.

    Another view of one of Stag's new 300BLK offerings.

    Another view of one of Stag’s new 300BLK offerings.

    As most AR fans are aware, AAC’s .300 Blackout cartridge has gained quite a bit of popularity in recent years. A significant contributing factor to this surge is the fact that it tends to work exceedingly well suppressed – which was one of the key intents behind the round’s development and design. Looking to capitalize on this, Stag Arms has released a new line of ARs utilizing this caliber. The offerings include a 16-inch rifle, an 8-inch brace-equipped pistol, an 8-inch factory SBR, 16-inch and 8-inch complete upper receivers, and build-ready rifle kits (which only need a compatible stripped lower receiver to complete) also in 16-inch and 8-inch versions.

    If you witness varmints having an actual conversation like this, please sober up before attempting to pick them off with your Stag rifle.

    If you witness varmints having an actual conversation like this, please sober up before attempting to pick them off with your Stag rifle.

    Longtime followers of the brand will recall their Varminter guns. Previously known as the “Model 6”, these represented a bit of a step up from their base models, but the series has been off the table as a new offering of late. This has now changed, and the Varminter is back. As quoted from one of their recent social media posts:

    The Stag Varminter line of rifles is back with all the accuracy that you’ve come to know from the platform plus some modern features that you would expect on the most tacti-cool carbine.

    We started with a bull barrel, added Magpul MOE furniture and a sleek new slimline 16.5″ Stag SL M-LOK handguard.

    If you opt to try out any of Stag’s new offerings, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below. See you at the range!

    Photos courtesy of Stag Arms.
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