Stag Arms Plans Exit From Connecticut

    Stag Arms leaving Connecticut

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    Stag Arms have announced their intention to move their headquarters from New Britain, Connecticut.  Stag Arms’ Facebook announcement of the plan to move, however, didn’t expressly state that they’re leaving their current state. However, according to a Middletown Press article, New Britain’s mayor stated that Stag Arms had been “courted by other states since Connecticut passed stringent gun control laws following the 2012 mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.”

    Below is the text of the press release from Stag Arms’ Facebook page on June 7, 2019:

    Today, Stag Arms announced that its Board of Directors has decided to relocate the company from its current facility in New Britain, CT, as part of its strategic initiative to significantly improve the overall customer experience. The location of Stag’s new headquarters has not been finalized but the Board has narrowed down the options to a short list of vibrant communities where there is significant support for the firearms industry.

    Stag Arms President, Anthony Ash, stated: “Not since the founding of our Company in 2003 have there been so many great things happening at once. We began our journey with a commitment to bring customers innovative products with uncompromising quality through 100% American Made components. We pioneered the left-handed Modern Sporting Rifle and from Day 1 we have backed all of our rifles with Infinite Shot Barrel and Lifetime Transferable Warranties. Our recent release of our newest product line of PXCs, Stag’s innovative multiple pistol caliber AR, continues the tradition.”

    Mr. Ash further stated, “Stag is creating a seamless, integrated value chain that will incorporate best practices from design and engineering, to manufacturing, omni-channel customer engagement, fulfillment, and service. The pieces are in place and we are ready to transition production and fulfillment operations immediately from a narrow facility-based approach in New Britain to a distributed eco-system.”

    The Board expects to finalize the location of the headquarters in the next few months and the company then will begin the process of relocating sales and remaining back office functions to the new headquarters location.

    You can follow Stag Arms Facebook account HERE or visit their website HERE.

    TFB will be sure to keep you updated with which of the firearms-supporting locations Stag Arms chooses as their next headquarters.  What do you think of Stag Arms’ exodus from Connecticut?

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