POTD: Viking Themed CZ Shadow 2

    MP Customs CZ

    The Latin motto DVC which stands for Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas (Accuracy, Power and Speed) was not known to the Vikings. DVC is the somewhat more modern motto from Jeff Cooper to define the essential elements of shooting. That didn’t stop MP Customs to make some advanced custom Cerakote work on a CZ Shadow 2 pistol. Rune language and Viking theme, Cerakoting in Copper Brown, Graphite Black and a secret mix to make it look like copper.

    If your knowledge of runes is similar to mine, the large text on the frame means “Denmark”. On the opposite it says “IPSC”.

    The trigger guard has “DVC” written on it.

    The magazines have text from the IPSC rules book on them.

    All pictures and Cerakoting done by MP Customs. Made In Denmark, where else? Used with permission.

    For more information about the CZ Shadow 2, check out our recent review of the CZ Shadow 2 Single-Action Only. The model shown here is the Double-Action.

    What do you think of the work?