CZ Group Acquires a Minority Stake in Spuhr

    CZG - Spuhr Partnership

    Česká Zbrojovka Group have announced that they are joining forces with Håkan Spuhr Spuhr i Dalby AB through this strategic investment by acquiring a minority stake in the company. Spuhr was founded in 2007 by Håkan Spuhr, and has since worked with law enforcement and armed forces around the world, creating a range of innovative optic and accessory mounting accessories – many of which we have covered here at TFB.

    Håkan Spuhr with one of his stocks c.2018

    Spuhr manufactures 99% of their products in-house at their factory in Löddeköpinge, Sweden but the company is looking to expand into new markets and increase their R&D capabilities. Spuhr recently unveiled an Enclosed Receiver AR-10 concept rifle at DSEI 2019.

    Håkan Spuhr with his new concept rifle at DSEI 2019 (Matthew Moss/TFB)

    Here’s what CZ Group have to say about their stake in Spuhr:

    Česká zbrojovka Group SE, one of the leading European producers of firearms, announces the acquisition of a minority stake in Spuhr i Dalby AB, a Swedish manufacturer of optical mounting solutions for weapons.

    CZG’s acquisition of Spuhr creates mutual synergies in terms of products, customers and geographical presence. Spuhr’s product portfolio consists of optical mounts, accessories and upgrade kits for weapons, making it highly complementary to CZ’s core business.

    “We are very pleased to join forces with Spuhr through this strategic investment. Håkan Spuhr and Ulf Nilsson have built a company which is the world leading manufacturer of optical mounting solutions. We believe that the connection of the CZ and Spuhr brands will further strengthen our position on the market and lead to continuous innovation for the benefit of our customers,” stated Lubomír Kovařík, President of CZG.

    “The cooperation with CZ is a strategic milestone for Spuhr. It will give us access to new markets, high-end testing technology and research. We will continue to be flexible and lead the development of new products for our important high-end customers. The partnership with CZ will take us to the next level,” stated Ulf Nilsson, CEO of Spuhr.

    The Spuhr mounts and accessories are used by many military and law enforcement units around the world, including the Swedish, Dutch and Danish Army, German Police and Portuguese Navy. Spuhr also offers a popular hunting series of products.

    Check out CZ Groups website here and Spuhr’s website here.

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