The Apocalypse 7000 by MacPherson

    MacPherson Apocalypse 7000

    MacPherson Firearms posted their amazing build called Apocalypse 7000 (or A7K) on Facebook and in less than a day they had just shy of half a million hits on their post. Of course, The Firearm Blog reached out and got permission to use the pictures and the story. We also got a lot more details on the build, which you can find below.

    I think the Mosin-Nagant Front Sight and the Glock 19 “Rubber” Pistol grip are nice touches. (No, to my knowledge it doesn’t take Glock magazines but who knows with a crazy build like this.)

    The caliber is 7.62X40 WT. To be honest, I had never heard of this caliber before, so I suspected WT was short for the obvious. Oh boy, was I wrong, it’s actually short for “Wilson Tactical”. Sorry guys… You can find more information about the caliber here.

    Here is the story from MacPherson, most of it untold until now:

    Apocalypse 7000 – Also known as A7K

    It was built by the bearded Genius at MacPherson Firearms with a culminated effort of input from staff, friends, and customers.

    The Rifle was built using only parts found around the store and property.

    The Receiver started life as a communist Receiver built for the peasants of the State of Massachusetts. The mag was welded in so it was removed forcefully.

    After that it was donated and used as a test receiver and was a perfect candidate for this build.

    The receiver sports a full auto M16 Parts Kit (missing the auto sear), an ambi selector made from a T20 Hex bit, A GI Grip screw for a trigger and rear take down pin.

    A clevis pin for a pivot pin, a Glock 19 for a grip and sports a pinned 10 round GI mag with an Anarchy Sign on one side and a confederate flag on the other. It’s the “Duality of War”

    The Stock was cobbled together with a hatchet head and some 1″ pipe, and of course a bottle opener welded to the rear to hold the spring in.

    The Upper Receiver is a standard M4 upper with an M16 BCG. The dust cover is held in by mechanics wire… A welcome addition to any rifle.

    The optic is something we found in the trash, a pistol red dot… It is cobbled onto the reversed bipod mount to which the side charger is attached.

    A fence post found about the property was forced onto the barrel nut and has some steel rod fashioned into knucks, along with a VERY Sharp Cold Steel Blade welded to the fore end.

    The Barrel was the heart of this design and was found in the bargain bin. It is chambered in 7.62X40 WT and sports an AK74 muzzle device for the ultimate gas dispersion.

    Last but not least in the Mosin Front Sight.

    This build took approximately a week to design and build and yes… we know the welds suck… That’s kinda the point.

    It is a form 2’d SBR and will remain in inventory until we are satisfied that it is a shooter. Currently we are waiting on ammos from the good gents at Wilson Tactical.

    Below: Caution! This build has more than one dangerous end.

    The total weight is 9 pounds 11 ounces.

    No, the firearm is NOT FOR SALE. If it ever goes for sale, it would make for a great run in TFB’s HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP?

    Below: The Forward Assist is pretty interesting.

    forward assist

    According to rumors, there are talks around the shop about building a matching AK. Stay tuned for more. If they build it, TFB will let you know.

    Thanks to MacPherson EngravingMacPherson Firearms LLC and Wilson Tactical.

    What do you think of this build? Let us know what you really think in the comments below.

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