POTD: Russian Snipers in Various Camouflage

    The Russian Snipers played an important role in the Eastern Front of World War II, and they continue to have this importance in more modern conflicts.

    In 1963 the semi-automatic Dragunov Sniper Rifle (SVD) was introduced, and in the pictures below you can see it in a variety of situations and camouflage.

    Below: Ambush Army Sniper Couple in Ambush

    Baltic Fleet coastal snipers during a training camp.

    Below: A sniper of the combined arms army of the Western Military District searches for a target during a military technical service in the Nizhny Novgorod Region.

    Almost like Concamo, but Russian style.

    Mr. Green.

    The sniper of the special forces of the Western Military District on the position during the tactical and special exercises in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

    In Buryatia, BBO snipers in practical exercises worked out the battle in the mountains

    Soldiers with full-time weapons and special equipment made a march in the mountains. Using the terrain as a disguise, snipers hit targets that suddenly appeared, imitating a conditional enemy.

    In addition, after climbing to the top of the mountain, sniper pairs organized firing positions and disguised them taking into account the environment and weather conditions.

    Also, during the practical part of the training, sniper couples practiced firing at night in the absence of natural and artificial shelters using special night vision sights.

    Picture source: Russian Ministry of Defence.

    Below you can see a civilian Dragunov, as used in a recent PRS match. Notice the bipod and the shoes.