Become a Pro Spotter! Vortex Viper HD Ranging Reticle Eyepiece

    Vortex spotting scope

    If you’re spotting for someone it isn’t sufficient to say “you’re a little to the left, maybe a bit highPerhaps.” Spot like a pro and say “you’re 0,6 Mils to the left and 0,3 Mils high“, so that the shooter can correct the next shot when he sends it. The chances of a next-shot hit will increase for sure. In order to do this, the new Vortex Ranging Reticle Eyepiece is a good start, but you also need an 85mm Viper HD Spotting Scope.

    This is what the reticle in the eyepiece looks like. It is available in either MOA or MRAD.

    Viper HD Reticle Eyepiece

    The lens has 33.5x magnification, ranging reticle and XR™ & ARMORTEK® lens coatings.

    From the Product Announcement:


    BARNEVELD, Wis. – Vortex® is turning their venerable Viper® spotting scope into the ultimate long-range measuring stick with the Viper® Reticle Eyepiece, a fast, simple solution for shooters to make accurate shot calls in competition and at the range with subtension lines for holdover, and windage corrections.

    The all-new eyepiece makes measuring target range and calling shot corrections easy, with a diopter ring that allows shooters to get the reticle dialed to their eyes, and level with the horizon line, no matter how their scope is setup.

    Powering the new eyepiece is a fixed, 33.5x magnification—plenty of power for a huge variety of shooting scenarios. The sight picture is kept sharp and well-protected with ArmorTek® and XR™ lens coatings.

    Plus, a massive field of view means shooters won’t miss a single vapor trail or bullet splash.

    Shooters just have to choose MOA or MRAD, complete the simple installation, and they’ll be calling all the shots in no time.

    Note: This eyepiece is specifically designed for use with the latest generation Viper HD 85mm spotting scopes – it is not compatible with the 65mm Viper HD models.


    $289.00 – Viper® Reticle Eyepiece MOA

    $289.00 – Viper® Reticle Eyepiece MRAD

    For more details check the Vortex Product Page here.

    How do you spot for your friends at the range?

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