New Czech Pocket Rocket: The CZ P-10 Micro

    The new pistol from CZ is called the ‘P-10 M’. It should have been unveiled last weekend at IWA in Germany, but as the show was postponed due to the Coronavirus you get to take a germ-free look at it here. The new P-10 Micro is part of the CZ P-10 model series, and is – at least so far – the smallest and lightest in the series. 

    The “M” isn’t James Bond’s superior in this case, but stands for “Micro” referring to its small size.

    The Micro is purpose-built for everyday concealed carry, while keeping ergonomics and shootability in mind. The P-10 M is chambered in 9x19mm and has a capacity of 7 + 1 in the chamber.

    The new P-10 M (CZ)

    CZ P-10 M

    Despite its radical miniaturization, the P-10 M retains the stand-out features that have set the P-10 line apart from other striker-fired pistols, most notably the outstanding ergonomics and a superb trigger. With a reduced footprint and width, it has been optimized for comfortable concealed carry while maintaining a 7+1 capacity in 9×19 mm. An internal slide stop and user-friendly trigger make the P-10 M an ideal back-up or defensive firearm for everyday carry.

    P-10 Micro Specifications (Metric)

    • Height/width/length: 112×25.5×160.5 mm
    • Barrel length: 85 mm
    • Weight: 0.57 kg
    • Calibre: 9×19
    • Magazine capacity: 7 (9×19)
    • Sights: Luminescent
    • Trigger: SFDA
    • Frame: Highly durable polymer
    • Safety features: Trigger safety (drop safety)
    • Size: Micro

    The new P-10 M (CZ)

    CZ posted a video of the P-10 Micro, with a LOT of shooting:

    The recoil looks quite snappy, but that’s expected for this type and size of handgun.

    Here you can see some schematics from the manual:

    From CZ:
    The CZ P-10 Micro is our smallest striker fired model. Goal was to produce the gun suitable for concealed carry by its dimensions, but also the one you can work with rapidly, naturally with certainty and trust.

    The New P-10 M (CZ)

    Ever since I sold my Glock 43 I’ve been looking for some kind of replacement, which may be a revolver. However, I think I need to try the CZ P-10 Micro out before I make my mind up.

    I tried to find the Micro on the CZ US website, but it isn’t online yet. I was not able to find a price unfortunately.

    UPDATE: According to the latest information the P-10 M is not importable to the USA at this time due to ATF regulations.

    What do you think of the CZ Micro? Too small? Too big? You needed more capacity? You need Glock magazines?

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