News from SIG SAUER – The 200 PHOENIX Chassis Rifle

    It is nice to see the rifles for target shooting develop, as the interest for diopter target shooting is on the decrease as other more modern firearms, optics and other target shooting sports evolve.

    The 200 PHOENIX from SIG SAUER GmbH (the European arm of SIG Sauer) is a new rifle with a heritage from the famous SAUER 200 STR, the Scandinavian Target Rifle made to meet the specifications for the Scandinavian shooting associations.

    The new action is the same as the standard 200 STR, but with the exception of the interface for the sights.

    The new 200 PHOENIX sports an industry-standard Picatinny rail to accommodate optical sights, whereas the 200 STR has the standard dovetail for diopter sights.

    New to the 200 PHOENIX is the introduction of an aluminium rifle chassis. It appears that SIG SAUER chose to collaborate with LRD-Sweden and their JET-01 chassis made for the 200 STR (seen above).

    The JET-01 has been in the works for some time and was developed by two experienced long-range shooters, Peder Westman and Jo Eken Torp. The project came from their wish to make a stock for the 200STR, that had the demands of the long-range shooter in mind. They developed some unique features that were not available on similar systems at the time – like the unique quick-adjustable length off pull and the bag-rider.

    TFB wrote about an early version of the chassis back in 2016. A lot has changed since then, much because the developers refused to compromise and felt they had to be 100% satisfied before they would release the chassis to the market.

    The stock went through a long prototype and evaluation stage and has been thoroughly tested in multiple competitions, conditions and environments. It’s developed to increase precision, handling and adding features like ARCA compatibility and M-LOK for accessories.

    The chassis is fully adjustable to the shooter and features a unique thumb rest for the best ergonomics. The stock folds up over the bolt which helps a lot with storing and transporting a gun with a 700mm (27.5in) long barrel.

    The 200 PHOENIX features a fully adjustable match-trigger. The bolt is of a six lug design with a 60° bolt throw, which locks directly inside the barrel for unmatched accuracy and strength.

    It utilizes the same cold hammer forged SIG SAUER Ultra Match Grade, quick change barrels as the 200STR.

    The 200 PHOENIX, with the input from the guys at LRD-Sweden, is now introducing new calibers and faster rifling twists in their barrels. The barrels can be changed in a matter of minutes and the conversion can be done in the field.  The only tool required is a torque wrench. Barrels will be available in caliber 22 LR, 6 mm XC, 6,5 Creedmoor, 6.5×55 SKAN and .308 Win.

    The price is €3,999. Barrels are €850 and threaded in M18x1.

    Important note: SIG Sauer have confirmed that the 200 Pheonix is a SIG Sauer GmbH product and will only be available in Europe. 

    Sources: SIG Sauer GmbH and Long Range Design Sweden (Swedish)

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