Meet the New Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Adams Arms

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    2020 is a year of change for Adams Arms. Not only are they in the process of moving to a new facility, but Adams Arms has also hired on its newest team member. Adams Arms Holdings LLC has just announced that Michael Halleron will be taking the role of Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the company.

    Meet the New Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Adams Arms

    Most will be familiar with Adams Arms by way of their Retro-Fit Piston Drive System. The drive system uses the same gas port on the barrel to work the action of the inverted piston. Instead of directing the gases into the receiver, they go into a gas plug and drive rod sleeve invented by Adams Arms. The gases are contained inside the drive rod sleeve and push the bolt carrier rearward using the gas pressure to cycle the action.

    Adams Arms New Vice President

    By adding Michael to the team as VP of Marketing, they’re adding on an experienced businessman to a key position. Michael has over 20 years of experience dealing with firearms and firearms accessories from multiple popular brands.

    Working with the commercial as well as law enforcement and military sectors, Michael has a proven portfolio of increased brand awareness. In addition to his business experience, Michael is also thoroughly involved with the firearms community. In addition to being a past board member of both the NASGW and the NSSF, he has also served on 3 NRA committees.


    I am excited at the opportunity to grow the Adams Arms customer base and brand. “Adams Arms offers a variety of high quality rifles, parts, piston kits and a new 9mm handgun. Their patented AR adjustable piston driven systems are second to none and offer clean, cool and reliable shooting. – Michael Halleron

    Adams Arms New Vice President

    With some big changes taking place at Adams Arms, only time will reveal what the future holds for the Brooksville Florida based firearms company. For more information about Adams Arms and their products, you can visit their website here.

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