NEW: Adams Arms P Series ADJUSTABLE Micro Gas Block

    A couple of months ago Adams Arms has introduced their P Series Micro Gas Block which you can read about by clicking here. Recently, they have also announced the availability of the adjustable version of that gas block called P Series Adjustable Micro Gas Block.

    Just like the previous model, it replaces the standard AR-15 gas block and in conjunction with the Adams Arms gas piston, it converts the rifle into a short stroke gas piston operated one. It is a low profile gas block, which means it should fit many of the handguards available on the market. It is designed to fit the .750 barrel diameter at the gas block mounting portion. This gas block also has five adjustability settings allowing 100%, 74%, 53%, 32%, and 11% of gas flow.

    The Adjustable Micro Gas Block weighs 3.89 oz and it is compatible with the Adams Arms piston system only. It is available through Adams Arms website at an MSRP of $195.99.

    If you are not familiar with Adams Arms gas piston system, watch the video below.

    I think the short stroke gas piston operation is a great system. However, it is not necessarily good for the rifle that is originally designed to be a DI one. There are pros and cons for both systems. So before even choosing a piston system, you need to make up your mind whether you think converting the AR-15 into a piston operated rifle is a good idea or not.

    To convert, or not to convert, that is the question!

    Hrachya H

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