Underground Arms Watch – January Pt.1

by ImproGuns

A new year brings about the first of January’s Underground Arms Watch installment – a look into criminally made and modified firearms seized by police and security services worldwide.

Below are three Locally made pistols seized by Bengaluru City Police in December. On the top right appears to be a Zoraki blank firing revolver missing its hammer and presumably adapted to fire 7.65.

This one was seized in Delhi. All of these locally made pistols usually follow the same pattern.

CCB conducts search on a rowdy sheeted person..seize 28 lakhs cash & a Pistol..money being used for gambling & other illegal activities..@ips_patil

The pistol above is an Indian Ordnance Factory Jammu-Ashani, which unlike the first two is a legitimately locally made pistol chambered in .32 ACP.

‘Iran seizes haul of US-made weapons meant to be used for riots’

According to Iranian affiliated news. Nothing visible appears to be recognizably US made, however. As far as I can see the majority appear to actually be Turkish made.

Below is fairly typically of MAC type SMGs seized in Brazil appearing to be put back together from both homemade and commercially made components. Perhaps it started life as a parts kit or was salvaged from parts seized weapons meant to be ‘destroyed’. Either way, it displays obvious non-standard brazing marks.

“Military Police actions resulted in the seizures of a submachine gun, a rifle and two other weapons in Salvador and the municipality of Dias D’Ávila, on Monday (13). The illicit materials were with criminals in the neighborhoods of Mata Escura, in the Bahian capital, and on Lauro de Freitas Avenue (Metropolitan Region).

The 9mm caliber submachine gun (restricted use), a 40 caliber pistol, a 38 caliber revolver, loaders and ammunition were found on São Miguel Street by teams from the Central Special Rounds (Rondesp). The military patrolled in Dark Forest when they came across armed men. The criminals fired on the garrisons and during the confrontation, three were hit. With the trio, rescued to Hospital Roberto Santos, the police also found ammunition and portions with narcotics.” SSP

A homemade SMG used during a robbery earlier this month, likely from the batch made by Santa in 2016.

Policia Militar

A pair of heavily improvised submachine guns seized by police in Itajaí, Brazil.

“Two men were arrested for illegal gun possession and drug trafficking. The arrests took place in the São Vicente neighborhood, in Itajaí, on the afternoon of Friday (10). At about 3 pm, the PM (Military Police) approached a suspect of marketing homemade weapons. After searching the property, two submachine guns, two porters with five .38 caliber munitions, a precision scale and approximately 276 grams of cocaine were found. Together the man was the owner of the house”. ClickSC

Below is an improvised firearm apparently used by a couple to rob a bus driver in Manaus, Brazil.

Here is a .22 SMG which was seized in Iztapalapa, Mexico.

We arrested two men accused of theft by public transport in Iztapalapa; We recovered 18 cell phones and cash, also secured a submachine gun and a replica gun. # PoliceTeProtege SSP_CDMX

An M4 carbine and 40mm grenade launcher surrendered to authorities by a member of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters rebel group operating in the southern Philippines.

CAMP SIONGCO, Maguindanao – Two Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) rebels have decided to lay their arms and return to government fold at 2:00 p.m. yesterday (December 9) in Pikit, North Cotabato.

The surrenderers, Nash and Mods, were members of the BIFF faction under Karialan faction. They brought with them one Noveske N4 carbine, one M79 grenade launcher with magazine and ammunition.

The two previously belonged to the group of Commander Gani Saligan who surrendered to 601st Infantry Brigade last February 2019. They joined the group of Commander Nao when Gani surrendered.” Kalinanews

Below are a number of locally made weapons captured in Mindanao in December.

An unusual bolt action pistol chambered in .38 Special, identical models having been widely seized in the past. This one was seized by police Wednesday following a gun battle with ex-convicts in which both men were killed.

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