Underground Arms Watch - October Pt.2

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Craft made pistol seized by Hong Kong Police.

Continuing from Part 1 of Underground Arms Watch, below are several more notable examples of criminally produced firearms seized worldwide by police and security services in recent months.

Mock M4

A 9mm SMG seized in Espírito Santo, Brazil. Cosmetically It has likely been combined with airsoft M4 parts and furniture, though internally retains a simple open bolt blow-back operation.

Photo: Policia Militar

Clandestine submachine gun manufacturing operation closed down

Police in Feira de Santana, a city in Bahia arrested an individual operating an illicit workshop manufacturing submachine guns. A number of identical guns had been appearing in the months preceding. The design is very similar to P.A Luty’s .380 machine pistol.

Photo: 67th CIPM

Two more submachine guns were seized by the Military Police in Feira de Santana during an action that dismantled a clandestine handgun factory. It is the third seizure of submachine guns this week alone and the fifth in less than two months. The seizure took place on Thursday afternoon (4), in the Liberdade complex, Tomba neighborhood region, by military police from the Tactical Operational Employment Squad 01 (Peto) of the 67th Independent Company of the Military Police (CIPM).Acordacidade

Other seizures in and around the state:

A break-barrel shotgun variation seized in Bahia which was almost certainly made by the same manufacturer:

Last year another clandestine workshop appearing to produce components of the same model was raided in Bahia suggesting perhaps multiple sites of production within the state.

Weapons factory is dismantled in Bahia; two suspects are killed

A clandestine factory that produced submachine guns for sale was located and dismantled by police on Sunday, 30, in São Gonçalo dos Campos (118 km from Salvador). Three men were in the building and reacted to the approach made by Special Rounds (Rondesp) teams. During the confrontation, two suspects were killed and the third managed to escape.

According to the Public Security Bureau (SSP-BA), the police arrived at the scene after approaching a motorcycle taxi driver named Osmar da Conceição Pinheiro, 28, in Feira de Santana. He was carrying a submachine gun in a bag and, in his statement, reported that he had bought the gun from a property in the neighboring town.

During the confrontation were killed Tássio Soares Macedo, 32, who lived in São Gonçalo, and Anderson Lacerda Santos, 29, who lived in the Liberdade neighborhood, in Feira. They carried a 9mm-caliber submachine gun and a 12-caliber shotgun.

Police are still searching for another suspect who has fled.”

Gaucho Wheel Guns

These two 12 gauge revolving shotguns were seized along with 40KG of marijuana by Civil Police last Wednesday in Vitória, Espirito Santo:

Photo: Policia Militar

On the heavier weaponry front, police in Paraguay seized a homemade .50 caliber rifle from two individuals who were both chief petty officers and were transporting the rifle in preparation for a hit job:

Makeshift gang arms

Seven makeshift ‘slam-bang’ shotguns which are commonly used by street gangs as a cheaply made and disposable weapon. Such easily improvised weapons demonstrate the ease with which groups of people can be armed in short order.

A 22-year-old Sangelo Santos Correia, known as “Rosinha”, was arrested in the act by military police officers of the Ostensiva Round Candido Mariano (Rocam) on Thursday afternoon (24) after the Military Police (PM) garrison investigated the complaint. sale of narcotics in Living Better Set and find seven homemade weapons in the apartment where the suspect lives.

Rosinha was caught on a public road at Rio Japurá Street, Living Better Living Set, Blue Lake District, Manaus North Zone. And during magazine was found a bag with drugs in possession of the suspect. Sangelo told police he had weapons concealed at his home in block 266. Police went to the apartment and seized the weapons. Rosinha confessed that she kept the artifacts for traffickers in the Living Better area and the Monte Horebe community.Acritica

Criminal armed with homemade submachine gun dies in confrontation with PETO / ROTAM Military Police

The weapon below was recovered after a gun battle with police last month. Identical crude improvised .380 SMGs have been seized across multiple states in Brazil. In 2016 a local Santa Claus impersonator in Belo Horizonte was arrested for running a factory producing near identical weapons.

A criminal died in exchange for gunfire with PETO / ROTAM military police this morning on Monday, September 23. The bandit was even rescued at the Municipal Hospital – HMTF, but did not resist the injuries and died when receiving medical attention. The military was reportedly patrolling the Teixeira de Freitas bus terminal, and after receiving information that two suspects had robbed a passerby in the Vila Caraípe neighborhood, they went to investigate the facts.

As they passed Rua Alecrim, in Vila Caraípe neighborhood, near the bus station, they spotted two suspects, who ran into a residence. The PMs surrounded the property and identified themselves as police, when one of the suspects fired on the military, who fought back the unjust aggression. After the exchange of fire they entered the building, just as one of the criminals was lying on the floor next to a homemade submachine gun and three .380 caliber capsules.Liberdadenews font

Seven craft-made arms surrendered in the Philippines by NPA guerrillas

Locally made arms reportedly seized including an improvised 40mm grenade launcher and a KG-9 (Locally craft made Tec-9 copy) along with an M1 Garand and M2 carbine.

MANOLO FORTICH, Bukidnon – Eight members of the Communist-New People’s Army-Terrorists voluntarily surrendered and yielded 7 high-powered firearms to 1st Special Forces Battalion, Special Forces Regiment (Airborne) at about 1:20 p.m., yesterday in Purok 2, Brgy Mendis, Pangantucan, Bukidnon.Kalinaw News

Police in Papua New Guinea shoot and wound Armed Robbery Suspect

.50 Cal slam gun used to rob delivery van:

Police in PNG second biggest city of Lae have shot and wounded armed robbery suspects. According to a Police Statement, five men armed with homemade guns held up a delivery van at 10.30am about two hundred (200) meters away from the Bulolo/Wau junction towards Markham Bridge.

The apprehended suspect had a homemade gun loaded with a 50 Calibre bullet. He will be formally arrested and charged so as to appear in Court after he is cleared by Doctor. Warning to criminal elements. In Lae Police will still pursue you even after you have committed the crime. Stay away from crime.pngfacts.com

IDF seized a typical pattern of homemade SMG in Tirat Carmel on Monday.

Typical 'Carlo' or 'Carl Gustaf' submachine gun encountered in large numbers by Israeli police and military.

Lastly an example of a craft produced self-loading small caliber pistol typical of those which are produced on the Mainland in provinces such as Guizhou. It was reportedly found along with four rounds of ammunition (What appear to be .32 ACP) in a parked car located in Lau Fau Shan by Hong Kong police in early October.

Photo: Hong Kong Police

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