Trijicon Ventus X – World’s First Handheld Device with Advanced Wind Mapping and Range Detection

    Trijicon Ventus

    Trijicon Ventus at the Shooting Range

    Trijicon has announced what is likely going to be one of the most interesting optic solutions of the year.

    The device is called Trijicon Ventus (or Ventus X) and according to the maker it is the World’s first handheld device with advanced wind mapping and range detection.

    The Ventus is designed with a Doppler LIDAR engine that measures the headwind, tailwind, crosswind and vertical wind components at six different distances in front of you. Supposedly in any weather condition.

    LIDAR is short for Light Detection and Ranging, and can be found in almost all makes and models of self-driving and autonomous cars. So not only will the technology help you hit the bullseye, but it will also drive you to your destination.

    Together with what Trijicon calls WindPro™ Technology, the Ventus will provide the user with data and information that has previously only been available for very professional users (read The Military). This is not your ordinary LRF (Laser Range Finder) with some extras.

    The Ventus can measure three-dimensional wind velocities at multiple distances up to 500 yards in front of the user and range targets up to 5,000 yards for accurate shooting at extreme distances.


    Without knowing, I would think that this product is sprung out of some kind of project at DARPA.

    Below is Trijicon’s description:


    The Trijicon Ventus™ is the world’s first advanced wind-mapping and range-detecting handheld device. Powered by WindPro™ Technology, the Ventus can measure three-dimensional wind velocities at multiple distances up to 500 yards in front of the user and range real-world targets up to 5,000 yards for accurate shooting at extreme distances.


    Advanced Doppler LIDAR engine measures three-dimensional wind velocities at various distances in front of the shooter and above the line of sight where the bullet will travel.



    Collimated fiber optic laser is capable of up to 5,000-yard returns through dust, fog, sleet and snow.



    9x optical magnification and center cross-dot reticle for target acquisition at extended ranges.



    Advanced polymer housing & scratch-resistant lenses.



    Shooter and target geographic locations are stored for future reference when using the Trijicon® Ballistics app.



    Oversized buttons and a simple menu interface for easy use.



    Easy-to-adjust ring accommodates any user prescription.



    Powered by 2 rechargeable lithium 18650 batteries.

    • Particulates in the air reflect laser energy back to the detector.

    • The wavelength of the returning laser energy shifts due to particulate motion (Doppler Effect).

    • The system measures three-dimensional wind velocities at various distances in front of the shooter by measuring the Doppler shift of returning laser energy.

    • Collimated lasers don’t experience the divergence of traditional lasers, so more energy is returned to the detector for improved long-range performance and operation through obscurants like fog, dust, and sand.

    The Trijicon Ventus™ is the ultimate tool for advanced, long-range shooting in any weather condition.

    The Ventus comes in two models: Ventus and Ventus X. 

    In addition to the downrange wind and extreme ranging performance of the Ventus, the Ventus X adds a state-of-the-art ballistics solver. An onboard sensor suite captures all necessary data—range, wind, atmospheric temperature, stratospheric pressure, and incline angle—to provide improved first-round-hit probability to hunters and shooter.

    The Ventus X also communicates via Bluetooth to the advanced Trijicon Ballistic application. The app provides the user with expanded capability such as geo-location, wind maps, range tables, and reticle holdover views.

    Trijicon Ballistics Calculator App

    • iOS and Android Compatible
    • Seamless Bluetooth Integration with Ventus™ X
    • See Wind Map Overlay of Readings
    • Remotely Fire the Ventus™ X from the App
    • Provides Ballistic Solution on Trijicon reticle with the App
    • Save Up to 1,000 Ventus™ X Readings within the App

    Below is a YouTube video that summarizes all the features:


    The product is said to be coming in the second half of 2020, and I can say that I am excited to try one out for the first time and see how it performs.

    I don’t want to crash the party just yet, but a few concerns are the size and weight of the device as well as battery life. To me, it looks like something you would rather have on a tripod than carrying in your backpack and then holding in your hands, but if that is what it takes to get rid of the weather balloons and other secret spells to read the wind then I’m fine.

    Another one is that while having LIDAR out to 500 yards (460 meters), it is about there where the wind really starts to have an effect on the ballistics (in very generic terms).

    ITAR may also play a role for International customers outside of the USA.

    There is no price announced yet, but speculations in various forums think this device might hit the $10,000 mark. Like I mentioned, don’t expect this to be in the price range of a Laser Range Finder with some extras. And remember: A first hit at long range is priceless.

    You can find out more from Trijicon at

    Another place to keep a look at is Trijicon on the Book of Faces.

    You’re more than welcome to discuss this exciting release in the comments below.

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