Federal TERMINAL ASCENT Hunting Rifle Ammunition and Bullets

    Federal TERMINAL ASCENT Hunting Rifle Ammunition and Bullets (1)

    Among the dozens of ammunition related new products released by Vista Outdoor brands for 2020, there is a new Federal Premium hunting rifle bullet and ammunition line called Terminal Ascent. Being hunting bullets, these projectiles are designed to expand dumping all their energy into the game animal yet keep their integrity providing good penetration and weight retention. Federal really takes pride in this bullet design calling it “the best hunting bullet ever built within the 98-year history of company“.

    Federal TERMINAL ASCENT Hunting Rifle Ammunition and Bullets (2)

    The integrity of the bullet is achieved thanks to the bonded design of the lead core that stays attached to the copper jacket during the expansion. The expansion initiated by the Slipstream polymer ballistic tip is then aided by the cavity in the nose of the bullet and serrations that form the petals. The Terminal Ascent bullet is advertised to start expansion at 200fps lower velocities than the similar bullets of the competitors.

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    Terminal Ascent bullets and cartridge cases are nickel plated.

    The Terminal Ascent bullets also feature the AccuChannel groove technology that thanks to the location and angled rear walls of the grooves minimizes the groove-related drag during the bullet’s flight. The AccuChannel was earlier used in Federal’s Edge TLR bullets. In fact, Federal notes the Terminal Ascent bullets are based on and inspired by the company’s older, time-proven bullet designs like the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, Trophy Bonded Tip and Edge TLR. The company also claims that “bullet’s long, sleek profile offers an extremely high ballistic coefficient“. Overall, these bullets are aimed to combine the external ballistic features of long-range match bullets with terminal ballistics of hunting bullets.

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    The patented Slipstream polymer tip has a cavity going almost to the very tip. Upon impact, the tip breaks and lets fluid get into the nose cavity thus starting the expansion. The company also notes that the polymer tip is resistant to high temperatures that occur during its flight. According to Federal, “It has a glass transition temperature—or softening point—of 434 degrees Fahrenheit“.

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    Here is the list and MSRPs of eleven Terminal Ascent cartridges that will be initially available. All prices are for 20-round boxes.

    • 6.5 Creedmoor 130 grain, 2825 fps, .545 G1 BC ($52.95)
    • 6.5 PRC 130 grain, 3000 fps,.532 BC ($50.95)
    • 270 Win. 136 grain, 3000 fps, .508 G1 BC ($44.95)
    • 270 Win. Short Mag 136 grain, 3240 fps, .508 G1 BC ($46.95)
    • 280 Ackley Imp. 155 grain, 2930 fps, .610 G1 BC ($52.95)
    • 28 Nosler 155 grain, 3200 fps, .610 BC ($52.95)
    • 7mm Rem. Mag 155 grain, 3000 fps, .610 G1 BC ($50.95)
    • 308 Win. 175 grain, 2600 fps, .536 G1 BC ($42.95)
    • 30-06 Sprg. 175 grain, 2730 fps, .536 G1 BC ($42.95)
    • 300 Win Mag 200 grain, 2810 fps, .625 G1 BC ($53.95)
    • 300 WSM 200 grain, 2810 fps, .625 G1 BC ($53.95)

    Federal TERMINAL ASCENT Hunting Rifle Ammunition and Bullets (1)

    And here is also the list of five Terminal Ascent bullets that will be available separately as reloading components. The MSRPs are for 50-count packs.

    • 264 cal., 130-grain component bullet, .263 G7 BC ($52.95)
    • 270 cal., 136-grain component bullet, .247 G7 BC ($52.95)
    • 7mm 155-grain component bullet, .300 G7 BC ($54.95)
    • 308 cal., 175-grain component bullet, .258 G7 BC ($54.95)
    • 308 cal., 200-grain component bullet, .304 G7 BC ($54.95)

    Federal TERMINAL ASCENT Hunting Rifle Ammunition and Bullets (2)

    If you are an experienced hunter, tell us in the comments section what do you think about this new Federal Premium bullet and ammunition line.

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