AccuChannel Groove Technology of Federal Edge TLR Ammunition

    Federal Premium has released a video explaining the AccuChannel Groove technology seen on the bullets of their Edge TLR ammunition. Based on the conducted tests, they’ve found out that if placed in a specific location, a single groove on the projectile will have the advantages of multiple grooves. They also have a different groove geometry which according to Federal Premium reduces the pressure on the groove as well as decreases the drag of the bullet thus improving its performance.

    As shown in the above image the groove has a conventional 90° front wall. However, the rear wall is angled to allow the air that enters the groove to exit it in a more streamline pattern compared to a normal groove. Here is the Federal Premium’s video telling about the AccuChannel groove:

    How important is that accuracy improvement for you? It is hard to tell. It probably depends on the firearm you use, your skills, the applications and distances you use it for etc. It would be great to see some actual external ballistics data (drop and drift by range, trajectory graphs etc.) of bullets with a conventional groove and AccuChannel groove compared. That would allow anyone to decide if the amount of gained advantage is important for his particular task or not.

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