POTD: One of the First AI Arctic Warfare Sniper Rifles ever made

    Today’s Photo Of The Day is a rare sight. Using the Accuracy International L96A1 as a base model, this is one of eight (1 of 8) of the first AI AW (Arctic Warfare) that were ever made. The AW models were improved to withstand colder conditions.

    These were delivered to the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration in October 1988.

    Once adopted by the Swedish Army as a Sniper Rifle, it was designated PSG90 (Sniper Rifle 90).

    Originally the AI AW had a fixed stock and a fixed 10×42 scope from Schmidt & Bender.

    The PSG 90B is a refurbished version with a foldable stock and a 3-12×50 Schmidt & Bender (which is a great sight).

    You can find the official images here.

    Below: Scope mounts have come a long way since the 1980s.

    “Accuracy International England – Rifle 7,62 mm L96A1”.

    Below: Note the serial number “AW 0007”. Very James Bond! This is the first time I see the rifle with a green rifle scope.

    All pictures by Håkan Spuhr, used with permission.

    Swedish Defence Materiel Administration is a governmental agency acting under the Ministry of Defence. We make sure the Swedish Armed Forces have the equipment and logistic services they need to execute their mission. That is our contribution to a stronger defense.

    Sweden is now looking for a new Sniper Rifle Multi-Caliber System for 2020.