POTD: Mother Russia’s Kalashnikovs in use in Exercise БАРС-2019

    Photo Of The Day: Above you can see a soldier opening fire with one of Mother Russia’s Kalashnikovs.

    Below: The soldiers arrive by helicopters, and once on the ground they continue to secure the area.

    I think the helicopter is a Mil Mi-8, which is available in large numbers and used in a variety of both military and civil roles. The model is one of the most produced helicopters in the World.

    Helicopter number 84 is on the ground. Exit quickly and continue with the mission!

    The pod on the right side could potentially host two PKMs.

    Capture of enemy objects during the BARS-2019 exercises

    Above: It is probably a good idea to have the door of the helicopter closed if the rocket launcher is being used.

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