POTD: Russian Scouts and Sniper with KSVK 12.7 mm

    -“Comrade Snajper, rifle is fine but barrell support is never recommended”.

    Yes, barrel support is bad in any country or language, but it looks cool on pictures as in TFB’s Photo Of The Day.

    Above you can see the Russian KSVK 12.7, using the 12.7×108 mm round.  It is used as an anti-material weapon, or simply just sniping with a larger than normal caliber.

    Translated from Russian (Google):

    Scouts of the Amur Union of the Eastern Military District conducted special exercises using the latest Sagittarius Cruz complex

    During the exercises, reconnaissance groups overcame special obstacle courses such as the “Scout Trail”, made march-throws, and also organized ambushes.

    The final exercise for each reconnaissance group was the task of determining and transmitting the coordinates of command posts and other critically important targets of a conditional enemy with the help of the newly received SACC complex Sagittarius.

    Also, the scouts worked out the retreat with the captured documents and the taken “tongue” to the collection point for evacuation.

    The exercises were aimed at identifying the strongest intelligence units in the association.

    Below you can see a variety of other Russian scouts.


    Pictures: Russian Ministry of Defence.