New Modlite/SureFire DF Compatible Offset MLOK Light Bodies From Reptilia and Valhalla Tactical

    offset mlok light bodies

    The SureFire Scout Light is the ubiquitous go-to weaponlight for a lot of shooters. However, the original mount is a bit outdated. Companies like Arisaka Defense, among others, have made alternate mounting solutions to help reposition and mount the Scout Light to updated handguards. Now that night vision is more prevalent, companies like Reptilia Corp and Valhalla Tactical have come out with Offset MLOK light bodies that are compatible with Modlight and Surefire M600DF heads.

    Reptilia 18650 Torch Offset MLOK Light Bodies

    Last month Reptilia Corp released their Torch light body. It was an offset MLOK light body compatible with SureFire M300 Mini Scout Light heads. However, the popularity of the SureFire M600 DF and Modlite compatible heads have created a demand for offset M-LOK light bodies. Now Reptilia Corp have released their own Modlite light body. Just like the Torch, the Torch 6v/18650 is offset but it is twice as long to accommodate the 18650 battery or two CR123. Note that the Modlite heads cannot be run on 2x CR123. Only use 18650s with them.

    Just like the regular Torch, the new one comes in two colors and two different sides. A right-side version and left-side version. The offset M-LOK light bodies were designed with an ATPIAL/PEQ15 in mind so the light would sit directly underneath the laser housing. You could take a right-side light body and invert it to be mounted on the left. Now the flashlight head would be low and to the left.

    The 18650 Torch retails for $129.95 on Reptilia Corp’s website.

    Valhalla Tactical Baldr

    A rather newcomer to the weaponlight industry is Valhalla Tactical. They also make offset MLOK light bodies that are compatible with SureFire M600DF and Modlite heads.

    Just like the Reptilia Torch, the MLOK mounting design brings the light closer to the handguard. Thereby reducing them as a snag hazard.

    The design of Valhalla’s offset MLOK light bodies is a little different than the Torch by Reptilia Corp. First of all, the Valhalla Baldr is ambidextrous. The Baldr is designed with four different angled mount plates. If you want to switch sides you just remove the light body from the mount plate, flip the plate to the other side and slide the Baldr body down into the mount plate.

    The four different angled adapters is for their various light bodies. They have bodies for the following light heads; SureFire M300, SureFire M600DF, Streamlight HLX, and the Nitecore P10GT. They all take SureFire Scout Light tail caps. For the M600DF, HLX, and P10GT you need to use an 18350 battery to power them up.


    The Valhalla Baldr retails for $68 and the mount plates are $38. They do have a combo pack and a master pack. The combo pack lets you choose the light body and mount plate you want for $99. For an additional $26 you can add a second mount plate. The master pack is the best deal since you get the light body of your choosing and all four variant mount plates for $149.95. Check out their website for more information.

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