Hornady 2020 New Products – Bullets, Ammunition, Safes and Reloading Equipment

    Hornady 2020 New Products

    As usual, by the end of the year, Hornady announces the first new products of the next year. And as always there is something new in each of the company’s product categories. For 2020 they have new bullets, ammunition, gun safes, and reloading equipment to offer. Let’s take a brief look at each of the Hornady 2020 new products.


    Subsonic Rifle

    Until the introduction of 2020 products, the Hornady Subsonic Rifle ammunition line consisted of only the most popular subsonic cartridge – .300 Blackout. Now this ammunition line is expanded to include three new cartridges: .30-30 Winchester (loaded with 175gr bullet), .450 Bushmaster and .45-70 Government (410gr). All the Subsonic Rifle cartridges are loaded with Sub-X bullets which are designed to ensure expansion even at low subsonic speeds thus providing a good terminal performance.

    Subsonic Handgun

    The company has also introduced Subsonic Handgun ammunition which is a completely new line of Hornady handgun ammunition. The Hornady Subsonic Handgun ammunition currently consists of 9mm (145gr), .40 S&W (200gr) and .45 ACP (230gr) loads. All these cartridges are loaded with XTP bullets.


    The Outfitter line of rifle ammunition is expanded by the addition of .257 Weatherby Magnum (90gr), .300 Weatherby Magnum (180gr), .300 Remington Ultra Magnum (180gr) and .338 Winchester Magnum (225gr) cartridges all loaded with monolithic copper alloy GMX bullets and using the Outfitter line’s nickel-plated cases. This ammunition line is targeted to hunters who are looking for corrosion-resistant and sealed ammo that will provide consistent performance in all kinds of environmental conditions and hunting scenarios.

    Handgun Hunter

    This is another entirely new handgun ammunition line by Hornady. As its name implies, it is tailored for handgun hunting. The ammunition offerings in this line include 9mm Luger (115gr), .357 Magnum (130gr), .40 S&W (135gr), 10mm Auto (135gr), .44 Magnum (200gr), .454 Casull (200gr), and .460 S&W Magnum (200gr). The bullets used in this line of cartridges are all monolithic copper alloy MonoFlex bullets that feature a nose cavity filled with elastomer which compresses upon impact making the expansion faster.


    A-TIP Match

    Introduced earlier this year, the A-TIP Match bullet line have been expanded by addition of 7 new bullets: .224cal 90gr,  .284cal 166gr and 190gr, .308cal 176gr, .338cal 300gr, .375cal 390gr and .416cal 500gr. With ballistically superior geometry and aluminum tip, these bullets are designed for competition shooters. They are also sequentially packaged with minimum handling during the packaging process.


    Along with the new Subsonic ammunition, Hornady also announced that the .308 caliber 190 Sub-X bullet that was used in their .300 Blackout Subsonic Rifle Ammunition load, is now available as a reloading component. It is a lead core bullet with a crimp cannelure, gilding metal jacket and a FlexTip polymer tip. The bullet is designed to reliably expand in subsonic velocities.

    Reloading Equipment

    Auto Charge Pro

    This powder dispensing machine features a 0.1 grain powder measuring precision, customizable trickle speeds, simplified powder emptying thanks to the large side knob, touch screen display and built-in bubble lever.

    Precision Measurement Station

    The Hornady Precision Measurement Station is designed to allow measuring and sorting your reloading components which is important for developing consistent loads to achieve maximum performance. You can measure the ogive length, the headspace location and other dimensions. It can also be used to sort the factory ammunition.


    RAPiD Safe Night Guard

    This handgun safe is equipped with RFID technology which allows quick access using one of the four RFID tags that it comes with. The safe has a quick deploy drawer and a discreet display. Its internal dimensions (2.2″H x 9.2″W x 6.9″D) should allow storing most of the modern handguns.

    RAPiD Safe Ready Vault

    This safe is also opened by RFID tags. Its interior peg walls allow configuring the location of included gun racks depending on the needs of the user. The safe has enough room for 6 long guns and 14 handguns. The interior of the Ready Vault is PVC coated to protect the firearms and there is also a neoprene floor mat to prevent slipping of gun stocks. The exterior dimensions of the safe are as follows: 52.2″H x 19.0″W x 15.1″D.

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