Unity Tactical TAPS SYNC – Improved Laser/Light Manipulation

    Unity Tactical is known for their TAPS (Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch). The TAPS is a two button remote switch that allows you to control a light and laser. The TAPS switch just had one button for laser and one button for light. They came out with a programmable version called the TAPS PRO but it was not well received. The TAPS SYNC should solve the problem and give you control of your light and laser.

    Taps Pro installation and programming:

    The TAPS switch did not do much that the SureFire SR-D-IT dual switch does not already do. They both have leads for SureFire Scoutlights and standard lasers like DBAL and ATPIAL. The TAPS PRO was supposed to allow the shooter to have more control over the TAPS switch and allow you to program the function of each button. I have heard complaints that the TAPS PRO suffered from poor button feel and unreliability.

    The new TAPS SYNC solves these issues by eliminating the user programability and adding simultaneous activation for one of the buttons. Now you can activate your light and laser at the same time with a single button.

    Aesthetically the TAPS SYNC looks just like the regular TAPS switch.

    The TAPS can attach directly to MLOK, Keymod or picatinny rail. It comes with all the hardware you need.

    There are four variants of the TAPS SYNC. The main differences is sole activation of light or laser. Then the second variable is whether you want button one or two to be that button. The other button will be for simultaneous activation of your light and laser.

    Why would you want simultaneous activation of your light and laser?

    Most setups lack a decent illuminator so you need to compensate with a better light. Or in the case of visible light and laser, not many MFALs (Multi Function Aiming Lasers) have a built in visible light. So trying to turn on your light and laser either involves not doing it at all or turning one one all the time while you activate the other one. This is not good light and laser discipline. You should not leave your light and laser on all the time. Sure playing on the range is fine but for those who use firearms for a living to hunt dangerous people, light and laser discipline is important. With the TAPS SYNC you now have this ability. Take the BE Meyers MAWL-C1+ for example, it has a phenomenal IR illuminator that activates with the IR designator. However, when you want to use the visible laser with a SureFire scoutlight or Modlite Systems light, you do not have the ability to turn the laser on at the same time as the light. There have been home made jumper cables that made this possible but there is a risk of damaging your laser. The Unity Tactical TAPS SYNC does not have this problem.

    The TAPS SYNC is available on TNVC website for $158 which is cheaper than the $174 price tag on Unity Tactical’s website.

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