Unity Tactical and TNVC Release the TAPS Dual Pressure Switch System

    For me, one of the most annoying things in building a new rifle was the choice of where to mount my tape switch for a light. Top dead center is ambidextrous, but is usually set farther back than I like. Mounting on a vertical grip is less than ideal, on one side, difficult to actuate from the opposite, etc. I can only imagine trying to mount two separate tape switches on a rifle being more aggravating.

    Solving that problem for the fully tactical operator is a joint product from Unity Tactical and TNVC named the TAPS or Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch. Released in two versions, Standard and Pro, the TAPS combines tape switches for Surefire and Insight lights/lasers into one cohesive mount. Both options feature two switches for easily activating one, the other, or both of the attached emitters.

    The PRO takes it up a notch, adding in programmable functionality.

    The heart of TAPS Pro is a user-programmable PCB featuring device isolation and redundant circuitry.  Programmability is the key feature that gives the user complete control over how he/she operates weapon-mounted devices.  The system can be configured to allow either button to control either lead.  Next, the buttons themselves can be programmed to function in a multitude of ways:

    • Momentary
    • Constant
    • Press for Momentary, Double Tap for Constant
    • Tap for Constant, Press & Hold (>2 sec) for Momentary
    • Slave Device Mode (both devices fire on one button press)
    • Device Auto Shutdown Option
    • Button Assignment

    The standard version requires no batteries, but the Pro requires a single button CR2032 battery for over 3000 “device activating” hours. With Surefire lights lasting (at most) a couple hours, the Pro will likely far outlast any accessory its paired with. If the battery runs out, the Pro reverts to the Standard’s functionality.

    Both Standard and Pro versions are fully compatible with picatinny, KeyMod, and M-LOK with the included adapters. The Standard retails for $145 and the Pro for $249. Both are available in black and FDE.

    More details from TNVC:

    Manufacturer:TNVC / Unity TacticalDimensions:4.375″(L) x 0.9375″(W) x 0.4375″(H)Weight:2.25 oz. w/ HardwareMaterial:MaterialPower:One (1) 2032 BatteryBattery Life:3,000 Hours of UseWaterproof:1 Meter for 30 MinutesWarranty:Lifetime Warranty from Material Defects or WorkmanshipCable Length:7″COMPATIBILITY:——————————————Lights:Surefire M300, M300U, M300V, M600AA, M600AA-DSS, M600U, M600V, M600V-AA, M620, M620V, M720, M952, M952V, P2X-Fury, X200, X300, X300UA, X300UBLasers:ATPIAL-C, CQBL-1, DBAL-A2, DBAL-A3, DBAL-D2, DBAL-I2, DIAL-100, ITAL. LA-5/5C, MAWL-DA, OTAL, AN/PEQ-15, AN/PEQ15a, AN/PEQ-16A, AN/PEQ-16B, AN/PEQ-2A, RAPTOR ES, RAPTOR LiteRail Mount:M1913 Picatinny, KEYMOD, M-LOK

    Nathan S

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