POTD: Kampfpanzer Leopard 2A6

    One of the key players in this Photo Of The Day is the German Main Battle Tank, the Leopard 2A6.

    For several weeks, tanks will roll across the grounds of the Munster / Bergen Training Area in Germany, side by side with allied forces of other nations.

    Under the motto “Was.Wir.Können”, (translated: What.We.Know) the combined forces of the German Bundeswehr are proving their abilities.

    More than 2 000 soldiers with more than 500 vehicles are involved in the Information Training (ILÜ) Land Operations 2019 in Munster and Bergen in Lower Saxony. Numerous military and civilian executives from Germany and abroad are also guests.

    Below: Multi-role combat Tiger helicopters support the attack from the air.

    Once again, Tiger helicopters return to continue to detain enemy forces.

    Below: The German infantry fighting vehicle Puma and the grenadiers of the Panzergrenadierbataillon 33 take the village Heidedorf.

    In addition to the soldiers on the ground, two Puma armored infantry fighting vehicles provide fire support with the 30mm cannon from a slightly elevated position.

    Below: Fighting in built-up areas. Soldiers of the Jägerbataillon 91 fight in Heidedorf, in a house to house scenario.

    Below: The Heckler & Koch G36, standard issue firearm.

    Below: Artillerists from the artillery battalion 325 and the Panzerhaubitze 2000 in combat shooting towards distant targets.

    Below: This howitzer looks like a lump of clothes with a barrel. The vehicles are well camouflaged with all that the environment has to offer to attract as little attention as possible. But once the tanks begin to roll forward in full attack the camouflage is over.

    Dodge away! It is always easier to dodge away behind a cloud of artificial fog.

    All photos by Bundeswehr. Either Torsten Kraatz or Jonas Weber.