ARAVON’s Blu – Innovative Italian Indoor Training Rounds

    ARAVON's Blu 9x21mm.

    The ever attentive Hrachya, in his constant worldwide research for cool stuff to let TFB readers know about*, found this peculiar product offered by a small Italian company.

    The material available online on this “training aid”, is currently fairly limited and only in Italian, therefore we reached out to the designer, Mr. Nicola Bettetini, to get a few more details. The company, Aravon, appears to be a relatively small, family owned business primarily manufacturing metal and plastic sanitary components. This experience, matched with the passion for firearms of the owner, gave birth to the Aravon’s Blu.

    Here is a brief intro to the product in the words of Mr. Bettetini (translated from Italian):

    While many see handguns as pure expression of extreme power, I preferred to execute a series of calculations and experiments which demonstrated the possibility to avail of ammunition closer to some limitations imposed by Italian laws.

    These cartridges do not use any smokeless powder, this reduces power, noise and risks during reloading.

    I refer to “reloading” as these cartridges are sold disassembled, therefore they can be sold without restrictions according to Italian/European laws.

    Having the separate components, with no need for powder, with bullets designed to spin in the rifling and get a decent energy, even if only from the primer, we see 2 interesting facts:

    1. those who use them learn how to reload with reduced risks
    2. they can shoot to targets at home ranges (5, 10, 15 and maybe up to 25 yards)

    These kits are sold in Italy at about 10 Euros.

    Currently available calibers are 9x21mm and .38 Special.

    .380 Auto, .222 and .223 Remington are being tested at the moment.

    How to load and unload an Aravon's Blu.

    Aravon’s Blu loading steps: 1 – prime the case; 2 – place the bullet (by press or by hand); [SHOOT] 3 – remove primer with the supplied rod.

    Basically we are looking at a concept that traces back to the use of wax bullets, for training or dueling competitions. However the patented internal design is, likely, offering a more focused flow of gas from the primer allowing a higher muzzle energy than what a primer in a standard case could offer. Aravon quotes a muzzle energy of 23J (about 17ft-lbs) from Magnum primers, pushing the 12 grains plastic bullets to 240m/s (about 785 fps). While not lethal, these are not toys; as a reference, all airguns with a muzzle energy above 7.5J are legally considered as firearms in Europe.

    B&W photo of Aravon's Blu .38.

    Aravon’s Blu: how the .38 Special starter kit looks. From the catalog.

    Of course, semiautomatic pistols in 9x21mm (the Italian civilian version 9mm Luger) won’t be able to cycle with these rounds. However, they can be loaded in the magazine, allowing for the chance to practice safely jam clearing drills. The blue bullet and the machined case ensure that no dangerous confusion with live rounds can happen.

    What do TFB readers think about this concept? Would you be interested in training in the garage or backyard when going to the range is not an option?

    Photos and description kindly supplied by Aravon and used with permission.

    *There are unconfirmed reports stating that Hachya is actually an AI originally developed by the Soviets to track worldwide weapon development…

    Giorgio O

    Italian firearm enthusiast now living in an even more restrictive country, Giorgio has a passion for innovative or plainly unusual mechanical solutions. He’s also interested in manufacturing technologies with a recent focus on additive manufacturing.

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