FBI GLOCK 17M SALE: Lipsey’s Exclusive Gen 5 9mm Now Available


    It seems like just yesterday that we were all pawing for scraps of details on the rumored fifth generation of GLOCKs finding their way into the holsters of U.S. law enforcement officers. We all knew that the finger groove-less pistols would eventually trickle into the civilian market, but the larger question of when that would happen was on the firearm community’s collective minds. Years later, local gun shops are now stocked with Gen 5 guns. But the functionally identical original handguns that started the madness – the FBI GLOCK 17M – remained a law enforcement exclusive. Until now.

    Lipsey’s is offering up a unique opportunity for collectors: the FBI GLOCK 17M is available for purchase to dealers registered in their network. At an MSRP of $753, the rare pistols appear to come at a hefty ~$250 premium. Keep in mind that MSRP is not the same as retail – The standard Gen 5 G17 with the same specifications have the same pricing. However, since the Gen 5 G17 and the FBI GLOCK 17M are identical, save for the factory AmeriGlo Agent sights, this may be the last chance to scoop up one of the M series pistols.

    So, who’s buying? Details can be found below.

    At this point, the upper management at Glock is just messing with all of us. Like a magic fairy sprinkling pixie dust across America, Glock 19M and 17M pistols have been appearing at greater frequencies. However, without a commercial release date commitment, I guess us Polymer lovers have nothing else to do but fawn over the newest pictures. TFB – June 21, 2017

    FBI GLOCK 17M SALE: Lipsey’s Exclusive Gen 5 9mm Now Available


    3-17RD MAGS

    MFG MDL #: PM1750333
    UPC: 764503033315

    $753 MSRP

    • BARREL: 4.49″
    • OVERALL LENGTH: 7.95″
    • CAPACITY: 17 + 1
    • # OF MAGAZINES: 3
    • MAG DESCRIPTION: 17 rd.
    • SIGHTS: AmeriGlo Agent Sights
    • SIGHT TYPE: Night Sights
    • WEIGHT: 25.26 oz.
    • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 3.6 lbs.
    • SAFETY FEATURES: No Manual Safety
    • CASE: Plastic
    • ADDL INFO: Glock Marksman Barrel
    • ADDL INFO: Extended Ambi Slide Release
    • ADDL INFO: Rounded “FBI” Magazine Catch
    • MFG MODEL NO: PM1750333
    • UPC: 764503033315


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