A Glock 19M And A Glock 17M Walk Into The Field…

    At this point, the upper management at Glock is just messing with all of us. Like a magic fairy sprinkling pixie dust across America, Glock 19M and 17M pistols have been appearing at greater frequencies. However, without a commercial release date commitment, I guess us Polymer lovers have nothing else to do but fawn over the newest pictures.

    These two M examples have recently joined the ‘Protect and Serve’ ranks at an anonymous law enforcement agency within the Homeland. All the owner is willing to share at the moment is that they are very happy with the new guns and haven’t experienced any failures or stoppages.

    All the previously known 17M and 19M artifacts still exist: the beveled slide, smooth trigger face, fingergroove-less grip, flared magwell and integrated electronic targeting system. Fine, I meant to say G43-style trigger group and ambidextrous controls. Forget I mentioned the super secret ETS, it will just frustrate you to not know more at this stage of development.

    So, Glock leadership, my contact information is listed below. You know, if you decide that you’d like to add a last minute beta tester to your ranks. I’ll sacrifice myself in the name of scientific study. Also, finger grooves aren’t my thing, baby.

    Glock 19M and 17M:

    Glock 17M 19M

    Glock 19M

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