POTD: Hunting with Benelli M4 and A-Tec A12 Suppressor

    A late start to the grouse hunt is better than no hunt at all – that is the topic for Today’s Photo Of The Day as we go to “Borgafjäll” in Southern Lappland.

    After a fast walk uphill in the tough terrain, it was time for a cooling bath. The German Shepheard Zinc likes a cooling bath. She’s an old service dog that loves to swim.

    As you may notice we have made the picture above Safe For (most) Work Places, and we hope you enjoy it.

    The shotgun is a Benelli M4 with an A-Tec A12 Suppressor. The sight is a Vortex Venom, as well as the Vortex branded hat (to avoid a sunburn I suppose).

    Below is a picture of the same shotgun, at another time.

    Below you can see some of the packaging for the hunt.

    For more information on the Shotgun Suppressor, take a look at A-Tec Norway here.

    A-TEC A12

    Silencer for any pump action or semiauto shotgun

    The A-TEC A12 can be fitted to any shotgun with pump action or semiauto with choke system. It will be delivered with a choke that fits the gun of your choice.

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    Please have a look at Next Gen Hunting and their Instagram here.

    Thanks for letting us use your photos.


    What’s your best hunting experience? Anything like this?