Complete Pork Sword Pistols Now Available from Black Collar Arms

    Black Collar Arms of Austin, TX is now shipping completed Pork Sword Pistols directly to your FFL via their website. Marketed as a turn-key, custom pistol build, the Pork Sword is available standard in either .300 Blackout or .308 Winchester. The Pork Sword was born out of a Remmington 700 action but tailored for the discerning hog hunter on the go. The pistol is customizable from the barrel to the brace to fit your needs.

    Pork Sword Pistol

    The first 100 pistols will be of an individually numbered, limited series! “First Run x/100” will be engraved on the action but requests for specific numbers are on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Complete Pork Sword Specs:

    • Action: Remmington 700 Short Action
    • Barrel: KAK Industries 300BLK and .308 Remage style barrels
    • Barrel Lengths: 6.5 to 12.5 inches, all threaded in 5/8×24
    • Chassis: Black Collar Arms Pork Sword Chassis. Made from Domestic 7075-T651 aluminum, Mil-spec Hardcoat Type II Anodized
    • Chassis Weight: 13.6 ounces
    • FARend (handguard): Choose between an 8-inch and 12-inch Tri-LOK FARend

    pork sword chassis and Foreend

    In addition to the standard specs, other options for your customized build can vary between custom finishes, engravings, triggers, AR15 pistol grips, angled foregrips, bipods, pistol braces, magazines and optics mounds. If none of the options provided to you make you happy you can bring your own pieces to the party!

    Pork Sword Folded Brace

    The FARend rail segments allow you to attach some of the wider suppressors without interfering with your lower attachments. The entire package would easily fit inside a backpack for quick stowage and deployment.

    But, even with all these options, I’ve listed here, Black Collar has said in their press release that they’ll fulfill custom orders if any of the options available on the website don’t suit your needs. They’ll provide access to different finishes, optics, triggers, and actions (including left-hand options). They even offer a single-shot variant of the rifle for those in more restrictive states.

    camo pork sword chassis

    Bolt action pistol advantages

    Why a bolt action pistol? Pistols give you the advantage of lighter weight and smaller overall size without the expense and restrictions of an SBR. In addition, the pistol is just as accurate as a bolt action rifle. In many cases, improved barrel stiffness can increase accuracy and reduce heat-related point of impact shift.

    pork sword magazine

    Say what you want about the pistol, if you don’t like the Pork Sword logo then you’re just plain WRONG.

    The Pork Sword also simplifies ownership and legality in more restrictive states and localities compared to their semi-auto rifle and pistol counterparts. On top of that, bolt action pistol length guns are super fun to shoot. With a gun that you can fold, toss in a backpack and head off to the range with you can’t ask for much more. When you’re ringing the gong at 800 yards with a bipod and 10.5″ barrel you can bet on a good time.

    pork sword on tripod

    The Pork Sword Bolt-Action pistol is available now from the Black Collar website. Don’t forget to drop by their Instagram for more news, pics, and updates from the guys at Black Collar Arms.

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