Remington 700 CP Is A New Bolt Action Pistol

    Photo by Tactical-Life

    Rifle caliber pistols have been increasingly gaining popularity. Part of this is due to the proliferation of people acquiring tax stamps and another part is due to the stabilizing brace. Regardless of how you feel about the brace, large framed pistols have seen a significant rise in the gun industry and the brace makes them more practical to shoot. Well Remington is coming out with a new pistol. Robert Jordan of Tactical-Life got early access to Remington’s newest pistol, the Remington 700 CP.

    Botl Action Pistol?

    The predecessor to the 700CP. The XP-100 shoots a rifle caliber but it identifies as a pistol.

    A bolt action pistol is not new to Remington. If you recall they used to make the XP-100. The XP-100 and similar bolt action pistols were a bit of a novelty. Some people took them and used them as a light weight hunting pistol while others took them and used them for bench shooting. They were single shot and so not very practical. Also shooting them is a bit difficult as you can see above. Shooting these like a hand gun is a bit challenging so most people shoot them off a bipod or bag.

    Remington was at an Athlon Outdoors event and brought the 700CP along. Here are some photos from Tactical-Life of people testing out the 700CP.

    Photo by Tactical-Life

    Photo by Tactical-Life

    Photo by Tactical-Life

    The 700CP is a pistol variant of their 700 PCR (precision chassis rifle) as seen below.




    If you recall, Kevin of Q is coming out with his Mini Fix pistol. The 700CP will be similar although it is missing a crucial accessory, a stabilizing brace. The Q Mini Fix pistol has a proprietary brace that they collaborated with SB Tactical.

    Looking at the photos of the 700CP and 700PCR it looks like the chassis can take an AR buffer tube. The 700PCR comes with a Magpul PRS Gen 3 stock. And we know this uses an AR buffer tube.


    This is rather exciting. While the 700 CP demo gun lacked a stabilizing brace, I am hopeful that it can take a buffer tube. Even better you might be able to install a Law Tactical folder in between the chassis and the buffer tube thus giving you a folding brace. Aside from the lack of a buffer tube, the 700 CP has a free floating MLOK handguard. While the 700 PCR has the proprietary Remington squaredrop handguard which is compatible with Keymod.

    According to Robert, the 700CP will be offered in three calibers: .308 Win, .223 Rem, and .300 BLK. The .308 Win will have a 12.5″ barrel and the two smaller calibers will have a 10.5″ barrel. The demo gun he shot was chambered in .308 and used Magpul AI magazines. I assume the smaller calibers will use PMAGs. One issue Robert noted was that the 700 CP requires the use of a scout style pistol scope. Due to the eye relief while shooting it like a pistol you cannot use a rifle scope however if it has a brace then you can cheek the pistol and use a traditional rifle scope.

    MSRP of the 700 CP is $1,020  according to Tactical-Life article. This makes sense since the 700 PCR has an MSRP starting at $1,199.00. The Magpul PRS has an MSRP of $255. So $180 difference could very well be the cost of the PRS stock removed.

    Why would you want a bolt action pistol? This makes it much easier to SBR it into a bolt action rifle. If you want to SBR a regular bolt action rifle, you would have to either rebarrel the action or have someone chop the barrel down. Here you just file form 1 and add a stock. Another use for a bolt action pistol could be hunting. In some states, you are restricted to using a shotgun but in some cases, you are allowed to use a handgun. AR pistols have come into their own here. While an SBR would be denied since you are shooting a rifle, an AR pistol would be allowed. Does it make sense? No. But you don’t want to break the law. In the case of a bolt action pistol, some states do not allow the use of semi-autos to hunt large game like deer but you can use a manually operated handgun and the 700CP would suffice. While plenty of hunters are using Thompson Center Contender pistols but now you have a modern style bolt action pistol with better ergonomics with the 700 CP.

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