POTD: German Panzergrenadier with Panzerfaust 3

    The Panzerfaust 3 looks like a futuristic, or at least modern, thing.

    But it was designed and developed by Dynamit Nobel AG in the late 1970s into the mid-1980s, and came into service in 1992.

    If you’ve seen the Memes you know what it does. It fausts Panzers!

    There is also a Bunkerfaust version. You got to love the name! Of course, it fausts Bunkers.

    These pictures come from The Panzergrenadierbataillon 401, as they exercise in the woods.

    I am sure you spot their standard-issue Heckler & Koch G36s as well.

    The standard infantry anti-tank weapon is the Panzerfaust 3.

    Below: Panzerfauser down! Medic!

    The length is 950 mm (3 ft 1 in), and the weight is roughly 13 kilograms (28 lb 7 oz), so not the ideal thing to carry. But it’s a nice thing for the squad to have when there are enemy tanks around.

    Below is a good video via Military Technology – Panzerfaust 3 (Pzf 3) Third Generation Man-Portable Antitank Weapon

    All pictures come from Bundeswehr / Loose.