POTD: Lithuanian Armed Forces and NAVY

    Today we look at photos of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and Navy.

    Above, and the two pictures below show the Lithuanian rotation which takes part in the operation for fighting piracy and armed robbery in the Indian Ocean off the coasts of Somalia from mid-August to the end of the year 2019.

    The rotation is formed by 12 Lithuanian soldiers trained specifically for the international operation.

    The Naval Operation ATALANTA was launched in 2008, as a response to the growing numbers of piracy cases off the coast of Somalia.

    “AVPD troops training for the EU Naval Force-Operation ATALANTA” (Photo credits: Lithuanian Navy)


    Below you can see the Motorised Infantry Brigade Griffin, as they prepare for the exercise Vigilant Griffin 2019. Photo credits: Laura Jokšaitė

    Heckler & Koch G36s below.

    Armament (Source)

    The standard service assault rifle of the Lithuanian Armed Forces is the Heckler & Koch G-36 KA4, and the standard pistol is the Glock 17. The Special Operations Forces are equipped with a variety of weapons, including MP-5 submachine guns with various modifications, G36K carbines and sniper rifles.

    The Lithuanian Armed Forces are also equipped with machine guns, including the GPMG MG-3, the FN MAG, and the 12.7mm (.50 cal.) M-2 QCB.

    They also employ AT-4 and Carl Gustav anti-tank grenade launchers, H&K GMG high-velocity grenade launchers, and low-velocity AG-36 under-the-barrel grenade launchers, in addition to light and heavy mortars and Howitzer M-50s.

    12.7mm (.50 cal.) M-2 QCB

    Photos by Laura Jokšaitė and the Lithuanian Navy.