SIG Sauer P365 XL – 2,500 Rounds Later

    I decided to pick up a P365 XL when they first dropped a couple months ago and since then I’ve had plenty of trigger time on the little concealed carry. I carried the regular P365 for about 18 months and the XL is a new variation of the original P365.

    Round Count So Far

    In the last couple of months, I’ve put right around 2,500 rounds through the P365 XL with no malfunctions to date. I’ve done various types of shooting from accuracy testing to torture testing and honestly, the little gun has done well so far. Recently, I went to a local indoor range and shot roughly 1,100 rounds in a single session. I started off slow with accuracy testing and shot roughly 10 to 12 groups. The average group size was .75 MOA at 10 yards which was fairly impressive to me.

    Regular Wear marks and even though it’s rather dirty, there’s not much in terms of wear.

    After finishing the accuracy testing we decided to start shooting the gun continuously to see how it performed when getting hot. After roughly 250 rounds, the heat started to transfer from the action down through the trigger. The polymer frame was still comfortable to hold, but the straight metal trigger was getting hot to the touch. We ultimately decided to let the gun cool down before continuing our test. Once the 365 XL cooled down we continued our test and ended up shooting the rest of ammo through the gun without having issues.

    The barrel does not show any strange wear marks and seems to be performing well

    The XL did continue to get hot again but its a very lightweight small gun compared to other handguns. Heat transfer isn’t a big deal for me because it’s not the type of pistol most people will take out to the range and burn through 500 rounds as fast as possible. The 365 is a small, accurate concealable handgun and lightweight compared to other options.

    Range Sessions

    One thing that became clear after various range sessions was the improvements made in the P365 XL. With its longer barrel length and slightly longer grip, the XL is noticeably more controllable than the standard P365. The P365 XL is marginally larger but the slight increase in size makes a huge difference when shooting the gun. I already have personal P365 that I’ve owned for a while, but I’m debating on picking up a P365 XL just because the larger size is easier to shoot accurately in my opinion.

    The original P365 wasn’t uncomfortable by any means and is really accurate for its size. The XL is flatter shooting and easier to shoot when doing rapid fire or transition drills. In terms of reliability, I picked up a few different types of ammo including Wolf steel cased 115 grain ammo, as well as Blazer aluminum cased ammo. I also shot Rainier Munitions 124 grain brass cased ammo and SIG 115 grain ammo as well. Everything I put into the P365 XL ran with no malfunctions and had consistent ejection patterns.

    The straight trigger is a bit different from other P365 triggers but it feels better with an earlier break than other guns. I think it’s very similar to a P320 X series gun with a similar straight trigger and overall feel. The X-Ray3 sights on the P365XL are great for defensive shooting with a larger front dot and smaller rear dots. It was quick to pick up in the day time and during the night it becomes a very clear three dot system that has a fairly bright glow.

    My Overall Impressions

    So far, I’m really a big fan of the little P365 XL. It is an easily concealable gun that’s improved from the original model in my opinion. I still love my original P365 but the XL feels like a larger, more comfortable version of the original. After the 2,500 rounds, I have had great luck and really enjoy shooting the XL more than the regular P365. Their size difference isn’t much but the overall feel and subtle changes make a huge difference. I still carry my P365 almost daily but if you don’t have a 365 yet and want to get into the market I would strongly consider the XL over the original gun.

    I plan on keeping my original P365 but the XL version is a fantastic option and so far I have no problem recommending the XL. I plan on continuing to test the P365 XL but so far it’s been great. Let me know what you guys think of the P365 XL in the comments below. If you have any questions feel free to message me on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there!

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