POTD: One Bubba’d Mosin

    They sure make them strange down-under

    We have all seen dodgy work done to mil surp rifles. Some look tasteful, and others atrocious. There are bubba builds, and, well. Then there is this.

    They sure make them strange down-under

    One heavily home gunsmithed Mosin-Nagant takes the cake of home gunsmithing. Bubba would be very happy. Us Australians have to get creative after all.

    This artfully modified Mosin-Nagant 91/30 originally started life as an online find. It was sporting an ATI synthetic stock, a Timney trigger, and had all the finish sandpapered off. To cap it off, the front and rear sights had been ground off.

    About halfway to its current state.

    The new owner then decided to get creative. He spliced a PKM stock onto the rear and added an AK-series pistol grip.

    In all its glory.

    The base used for the red dot, which is a PK01 VM model, is made out of a hacked up AR railed front sight base. The barrel was taken down to a short 10.5 inches, and threaded with a 5/8×24 pitch. A 24×1 adaptor was then added to enable the use of a Bulgarian 4-piece muzzle booster device.

    It definitely has that combloc aesthetic.

    A PPSH sling, another AK pistol grip as a foregrip and an RPK sling pad complete the look.

    The creator has a few other oddities on hand as well


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