Winchester Introduces New 20 Gauge Models of Super X4 Semi-Auto Shotguns

    Winchester Adds New 20 Gauge Models of Super X4 Semi-Auto Shotguns (1)

    I think it is safe to say that the 20 gauge is second in popularity after the ubiquitous 12 gauge. However, the amount of products made in 20 gauge (whether it’s firearms or ammunition) is not even close to that of 12 gauge. That’s why for the aficionados of the yellow shell, it is always good to hear about new offerings on the market. Winchester’s new 20 gauge additions to the Super X4 line of shotguns are definitely interesting new options both for those of you who are fans of the 20 gauge and for those who are thinking about trying this gauge in a search for a lighter recoiling and more compact caliber that still can rival the 12 gauge in the lighter load weight area of the latter.

    Here is an excerpt from Winchester’s press release describing these 20 gauge shotguns:

    Since its introduction in 2017, the Super X4 has rapidly become a favorite among shotgunners, and the new 20 gauge models are sure to be welcome additions to the line. Available in seven Composite, Compact and wood stocked models, the 20 gauges offer reductions in weight and recoil compared to their 12 gauge counterparts, to make them more appealing to smaller shooters, those sensitive to recoil or those who just want a lighter gun in the field.

    Like the 12 gauge, the Super X4 20 gauge is gas operated and powered by the proven Active Valve Gas System that combines reliability, low felt recoil and record-setting cycling speed. An oversize bolt handle and bolt release button are both easy to manipulate with cold or gloved fingers. Speed Loading is a feature unique to Super X4 20 gauge models, sending the first shell loaded into the magazine directly to the chamber when the bolt is open. Super X4 20 gauge models tip the scales at approximately 6 ¼ – 6 ¾ pounds, depending on the model. Trim dimensions contribute to the lightweight feel of these fast handling shotguns.

    Winchester Adds New 20 Gauge Models of Super X4 Semi-Auto Shotguns (2)

    The new 20 gauge models are offered for the following versions of Super X4 shotguns and at following price points.

    • SX4 and Super X4 Compact Shotguns with 24″, 26″ or 28″ barrels (MSRP $939.99)
    • SX4 Waterfowl Hunter with 26″ or 28″ barrels (MSRP $1,069.99)
    • SX4 Waterfowl Hunter Compact with 24″ or 26″ barrels (MSRP $1,069.99)
    • SX4 Universal Hunter with 24″, 26″ or 28″ barrels (MSRP $1,069.99)
    • SX4 Field with 26″ or 28″ barrels (MSRP $1,069.99)
    • SX4 Field Compact with 24″, 26″ or 28″ barrels (MSRP $1,069.99)

    Winchester Adds New 20 Gauge Models of Super X4 Semi-Auto Shotguns (3)

    The differences between these models are minor such as the finish and finish color/camouflage, furniture material, etc. Other than the caliber, these 20 gauge shotguns largely share the same features as their 12 gauge counterparts. Here is the list of features as specified by Winchester.


    • Synthetic or walnut stock with improved ergonomics, rounded grip and textured gripping surfaces
    • Speed Loading
    • Back-Bored Technology
    • Invector-Plus Choke Tube System with full, modified and improved cylinder choke tubes
    • Chrome-plated chamber and bore
    • TRUGLO® Long Bead fiber-optic front sight
    • Active Valve Gas System
    • Drop-out trigger group
    • Ambidextrous crossbolt safety
    • Larger bolt handle and bolt release button
    • Length of pull spacers included
    • Inflex Technology recoil pad

    Do we have 20 gauge hunters among our readers? Which game and hunting types do you think the 20 is more suitable for? Share your thoughts, advice and stories in the comments section.

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