New Zenith Firearms D9-Z Suppressor (Videos)

    Zenith Firearms‘ booth at SHOT Show made quite an impression on me last year, with a lot of interesting firearms. One of their employees took a lot of time to walk me around and show me all the details, which I appreciated.

    Zenith Firearms is a family-owned company based in Afton, Virginia.They work closely with the people of MKE Turkey to bring the legendary reliability and design of roller-delayed blowback firearms to the American shooting community.

    They are now introducing a new suppressor called the D9-Z. The suppressor is made by Acadian Armament, in the USA, but branded with Zenith (as you can see in the top picture).

    According to Zenith, the suppressor makes a great addition to your Zenith Z-5RS or Z-5P firearms (MP5 clones in case you didn’t know already, check here for reference), but I think it would make an excellent fit to my 3-lugged B&T APC-9 as well.

    Below: Zenith Z-5RS SB Rail.

    Introducing the Zenith D9-Z: designed specifically for roller-delayed firearms; proudly made for us by Acadian Armament.

    A great all-around 9mm suppressor, proprietary Parallel-Path Baffle technology animates this minimal backpressure device to particularly suit it for use with low-blowback roller-delayed firearms.

    Complete modularity enables disassembly for cleaning, inspection, and service, as well as replacement of individual components in the event of a baffle strike. Forthcoming direct thread and recoil compensator adaptors will accommodate those wishing to use their D9-Z across multiple platforms.

    To see the D9-Z internal/external animation:


    From the product description at Zenith’s homepage:

    Zenith’s D9-Z is an innovative and compact suppressor designed specifically for your 9mm roller-delayed blowback firearms. Featuring Acadian Armament’s unique Parallel-Path Baffle technology, the D9-Z makes a balanced addition to your Z-5RS or Z-5P firearm, produces minimal backpressure and blowback, reduces muzzle rise and improves recoil control, preserves or improves accuracy, and disassembles for cleaning, inspection, and service.

    In 2016, Acadian Armament was asked to develop a suppressor for use in counterterror CQB operations. The device would need to be rugged, reliable, simple, and considerably smaller than anything on the market. These parameters pushed the limits of existing technology, and inspired Roy Couvillion to develop the ground-breaking PPB™ suppression method.

    Instead of using backpressure-inducing turbulence to suspend propellant particles in the gas flow-stream, PPB™ removes the particles to burn elsewhere in the device, while gas continues through. This innovation enabled Acadian Armament to meet its elite customer’s requirement, and now affords roller-delayed enthusiasts the large-suppressor performance they expect, in the compact configuration they’ve always wanted.

    • Caliber – 9x19mm Parabellum
    • Absolute Length – 6.7 inches
    • Length Added to Host – 5.3 inches
    • Outside Diameter – 1.3 inches
    • Weight – 17.0 ounces
    • Material – 17-4 HH1150 stainless steel
    • Surface Treatment – SBN-QPQSM hardened, black
    • Includes – 3-lug mount base, for direct installation on your Z-5RS or Z-5P
    • Made in USA by Acadian Armament

    To see the D9-Z in action, shooting some steel, check the below video:

    Until September 30th Zenith Firearms are offering the 3-lug compatible D9-Z for an introductory price of $799, with delivery to your FFL by Thanksgiving.

    Check their product page for more information:

    As a reference check out the Defender 9mm (D9) from Acadian Armament here.

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