Dissident Arms: New KRESNIK Compensator for Saiga/Vepr-12s

    Dissident Arms specializes in Molot and Saiga shotguns. We have covered them a little bit before, for instance with the Lightning Review: Dissident Arms KL-12 Race Gun Vepr12.

    World Shoot Shotgun 2018 winner Josh Froelich (USA) used one of their shotguns to win in France last year. Below you can see Josh as he’s in the shoot-off on the last day of the event.

    We all know that the shotgun is one of the most violent firearms when it comes to recoil, so anything that can be done to reduce these forces is welcome.

    If you’re just shooting one or two shots from a side by side, it doesn’t really matter, but Dissident Arms are more focused on competition models with box magazines.

    So the difference with a Vepr-12 or a Saiga-12 without a compensator or even with a bad one versus one with an optimized is huge. Over a competition with perhaps 100-200 rounds, this is going to be a huge factor.

    This compensator can also be used on other brands of shotguns, using an adapter.


    KRESNIK Compensator Short GK-03 – Custom Guns

    NEW Short KRESNIK Model!!

    Newest 2019 edition of the World renowned GK Series for the VEPR-12 and Saiga-12.  This compensator is extremely effective  in its new SHORT configuration.  Not only does it greatly reduce the felt recoil, but is practically eliminates muzzle rise.

    • Officially licensed Russian GK-03++ SHORT
    • Exclusively sold at Dissident Arms.
    • Custom Guns Russia is an official licensed manufacturer
    • Saiga-12, Vepr-12 and KSG shotguns
    • Can be used on other shotguns with adapter.
    • Thread – 22х0.75 mm
    • Weight: 5.2 Oz w/ locking nut
    • Overall length – 2.6 in
    • Locking nut included.

    The price is $149.00.

    Below: Sample picture of one of Dissident’s Shotguns. This one has a longer compensator.

    You can find the Dissident Arms’ website here: http://dissidentarms.com/

    They are based in Conroe, Texas.

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