POTD: Atlas Bipod Centipede

    Today’s Photo shows an AR15 with endless Atlas bipods mounted.

    This setup is perfect for when you have to roll around on the ground with your rifle perfectly supported in every angle.

    The shooter is from the Top Gun Rifle Team – and the rifle is unloaded.

    Because I was inverted” 

    The B&T Industries Atlas Bipod is a great tool for any rifle shooter. I use them a lot both for practical and long range shooting. They carry a premium price, but I never had an issue with any of mine.

    I do know of friends who have bought the counterfeit ones, and I have also seen these fail in competition so I would stay as far away from these as possible.

    The real ones are made by B&T Industries (USA):

    B&T Industries L.L.C. was founded by two Kansans, one that had an idea and the other the capital, to bring a novel idea to the shooting sports.

    Business principles based on taking a novel common sense idea, manufactured from the best materials, assembled by Americans and sold at a fair price.

    The idea that was to found B&T Ind. began during a 1997 Prairie Dog hunt, in which a good friend to the business, forgot to bring his sandbag and resorted to a time-honored, field-expedient solution: putting dirt in the sock he had been wearing.

    The Atlas bipod was introduced in 2010 with several patented features including the novel multiple positioning legs, Pan and Cant in a light weight strong package has found favor in civilian, law enforcement and military riflemen around the world.



    About two years ago I did a review of the B&T Industries Atlas 5-H Bipod.


    How many bipods are enough in your opinion? What’s your experience with the (real) B&T Industries Atlas bipods?