The All-New Mantis X10 RecoilMeter

    With the lifelong debate of caliber selection, grip styles, ammunition selection and how all these affect shooting performance; Mantis Tech has introduced a new tool to help shooters improve their performance – The Mantis X10.

    About the Mantis X10

    The Mantis X10 makes use of a small yet powerful precision sensor that tracks the movement of the gun throughout your shot. By collecting thousands of data points per second, the system is able to track your exact movements even during your trigger pull. As you’re shooting, the rail-mounted device sends data via a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone or tablet. The Mantis app then charts your performance and offers suggestions based on the data it has collected.

    X10 With smartphone

    Firearm Compatibility

    The Mantis X10 can be attached to any firearm (and even bows) that has an accessory rail. Once attached the device measures several metrics including muzzle flip, recoil angle, recoil width and recovery time. Combined with a constant trace of the firearm’s direction of aim throughout the entire process, the system is able to offer a detailed analysis of the entire shot from start to finish.

    X10 attached to Sig

    Mantis X10 Application

    In addition to analyzing the performance of both beginner and seasoned shooters, the X10 is able to help provide a detailed analysis of ammunition and accessory performance. In a video by Legally Armed America, some astounding results were discovered when 9mm, .40 and .45 caliber weapons were analyzed using the X10.

    X10 RecoilMeter Features

    The X10 system comes with a few interesting features to help keep your training progress on track. In addition, to live-fire exercise recording, the X10 can record Dry Fire shots as well. Other guns that work with the X10 are CO2 and BB guns if you happen to only have those available to train with.

    X10 Standalone

    Some other features include:

    • Holster Draw analysis
    • Dynamic Shooting (rapid-fire, multi-target, shooting on the move)
    • Software support for all shooting sports (pistol, rifle, shotgun, archery)
    • Rail Adapters available to attach to almost any gun that doesn’t already have one
    • Integrated Shot Timer

    The X10 seems like a good fit for any shooter that wants to improve. The X10 is currently available on Manti’s website here.

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