SHOTMaxx Timer Watch

    CED and DAA collaborated and made a shot timer watch. It retails for $150.

    It is smaller than the CED7000 and has a more advanced method of registering shots.

    Currently, all timers on the market are “sound activated” only in their shot detection method. This method of design can lead to confusion when other shots are fired in close proximity to the timer in use. The new SHOTMAXX eliminates this problem by running a sophisticated shot detection algorithm. This is a far more advanced method of shot detection than ever before used. It analyses the wave form of the sound it hears, decides if it follows a well-recognized form of a shot’s sound pattern and when it concludes that it does along with meeting the threshold required, the shot is recorded. The Shotmaxx has 10 levels of digital sensitivity adjustment built in. The new high tech internal microphone offers more range than ever before!
    Additionally, the SHOTMAXX is the FIRST shot timer ever to use Accelerometer sensor technology, along side of the microphone sensory, to detect shots. When the acc (accelerometer / recoil sensor) is activated, the SHOTMAXX looks not only for the sound but also for the recoil as well. The perfect solution when on a line of fire next to several other shooters, and you want to record only your shots fired. The timer looks to match the sound of the shot with the identified recoil – and when the match is made, – a shot is recorded.

    According to CED, the SHOTMaxx is so sensitive that it can work with much-quiter-than-the-real-thing airsoft guns. So now you can increase your off-range training beyond dry firing and SIRT training guns.

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